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Obama’s ‘Unfinished Business’ – Part II- Balkans and Middle East

December 12, 2016 by


Every Us president had left some unfinished job. Andrew Korybko, program host at Radio Sputnik,  speaks about  the job(s) Obama  leaves unfinished. Obama is no different than any of his predecessors in this regard. After Fighting in Syria and Iraq , the 44th President didn’t immediately pick up where his predecessor left off in the Balkans and instead […]

Wounded Jihadists Medically Treated In FBiH

February 28, 2015 by


February 28 /SRNA/ – In 2014, eight jihadists were medically treated at the Sarajevo University Clinical Centre, and 11 wounded Islamist fighters, returnees from Syria, were treated at the hospitals in Zenica and Travnik, An unnamed source from the security circles said that these individuals were exclusively members of al-Nusra movement, which operates within Al-Qaeda […]

Suicide bombers are arriving to Kosovo

June 22, 2014 by


Pristina-based daily “Express”, referring on  Kosovo and Western intelligence sources, claiming that groups sympathetic to Al Qaeda for months preparing suicide bombers for attacks in Kosovo and Albania. As possible targets mentioned the U.S. base Bondsteel and police stations. Training group of suicide bombers has been going on for six months, writes Express, stating that […]

Hollywood war machinery strikes again: American Filmmaker Returns from Syrian Civil War, Tells Story

September 7, 2013 by


Hollywood got  themselves some new ‘bad’ guys, surprisingly non Serbs. Though the movie industry’s means and  whole process is familiar and already  seen in the case of  two decades long anti Serb hysteria. This time Serbs are to be spared; the latest enemy of Pentagon and EU is Syria and president Bashar el Assad with […]

Everything is the same as in Kosovo , Iraq, Libya; same rhetoric , same lies , same goals , but it is now Syria ‘s turn

August 31, 2013 by


The great lie first appeared on 22 March 1990.  Western European TV screens were flooded with images from Podujevo , Urosevac , Lipljan, Vučitrn , broadcasting pictures of the people falling down like wheat or frantically throwing themselves on the ground, lying with bulging eyes, while  young men in white coats were holding them down . […]

Historian: Obama helping resurrect Ottoman Empire

July 7, 2013 by


Pattern seen in ‘Arab Spring’ interventions began in Balkans in 1990s   Each of these United States military interventions occurred in an area that had been part of the Ottoman Empire, and where a secular regime was replaced by an Islamist one. So far, the German policy of keeping hidden its leadership role in its […]

Bosnian Mujahideen flooded Syria

May 23, 2013 by


From the Balkans to Syria has reportedly came around 300 mujahideen, mostly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and  Serbia SW Serbia inhabited by Bosnian Muslims ( so called  Sandzak). In the case of Bosnia, half of the Mujahideen who fight in Syria are from Sarajevo and its neighborhood. Number of Bosnian citizens who are fighting against […]