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Britain’s Collaboration with pro-Jihadist Forces in Kosovo

November 23, 2016 by


This is an edited extract from Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam Mark Curtis In British mainstream commentary, the 1999 NATO bombing campaign against Slobodan Milosevic’s Yugoslavia is seen as a ‘humanitarian intervention’. Tony Blair still receives much praise for coming to the defence of the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, whose plight was surely […]

March 1 Triggered The War In Bosnia

February 28, 2015 by


BANJALUKA, February 28 /SRNA/ – Srpska MPs agree with the opinion that marking March 1 as the so-called day of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s independence is absolutely unacceptable for Republika Srpska because that date was an overture into the armed conflict in these parts.   National Assembly deputy speaker Nenad Stevandic has pointed out that the […]

Albanian organized crime in UK and Mainstream Media – Retard Informs Retards

February 9, 2015 by


The anti Serbian hysteria, ignorance, corrupted officials, media and  public is something the British have to take consequences for.  The consequences are: blooming  crminal,  narco business, robberies, theft, prostitution, kidnappings, radicalism, terrorism and other criminal officially supported (and) by Great Britain activities. But only while on Serbian soil. The Serbs were not allowed to defend […]

The Drug Trade Is Entrenched in NATO Politics

February 18, 2014 by


An exceptional record of respected media sources from the U.S. and Europe have documented that the Kosovo Liberation Army and their Albanian sponsors are heroin financed organized crime groups struggling to dominate the flow of middle eastern heroin into Europe and even the Eastern United States. Cooperation in varoius fields, from  human organs to narco […]

The Albanian mafia in Kosovo attempts to develop mass production of genetically modified cocaine

February 18, 2014 by


The Albanian mafia in Kosovo is trying to develop production of genetically modified cocaine that would make it independent from its Colombian suppliers. –  This is according to Italian journalist Roberto Saviano, author of the bestseller book “Gomorra” on the Naples mafia, made into an award-winning movie. Saviano said in an interview that the Albanian […]

Mass killings of Serbs for organs only boosted in Kosovo, but it started earlier: in Croatia, Vukovar

February 6, 2014 by


Contrary to the popular belief, the bloodiest trade in history ( when organs were taken away from captured and imprisoned Kosovo Serbs),  did not begin in Kosovo, but in Croatia. As reported by the Serbian media in the process  conducted by EULEX mission in Kosovo , ” one of the accused confessed about  participating in […]

Croatia, USA – U.S. Mercenaries Accused of Abetting Genocide

August 3, 2013 by


A private U.S. defense contractor “trained and equipped the Croatian military for Operation Storm and designed the Operation Storm battle plan,” which killed or displaced more than 200,000 Serbs in 1995, in the largest European land offensive since World War II, the Genocide Victims of Krajina say in Chicago Federal Court. They demand billions of […]