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Bosnia: Serbs were burned alive in Zenica Iron works furnaces

January 23, 2015 by


Sarajevo – “ Significant number of Serbian inmates, who were held in Zenica Penitentiary by Bosnian Muslim forces, were burned in furnaces of Zenica Ironworks,” states the report of the Mission of the Conference for Security and Cooperation of Europe (CSCE) in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  September 1992. The documents proving monstrous crimes against Serbs was handed […]

The Orthodox Church of St. Procopius in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, attacked and desecrated

January 22, 2015 by


The Orthodox Church in Visoko, which was declared a national treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been vandalized – the outside walls were desecrated by graffiti with anti Serbian and offensive content. ‘You should all be castrated (in order) not to reproduce!’  “Dead chetnik (Serb) is good chetnik!” – even the second generation of Bosnians is […]

Bosnian Muslims from central Serbia call for islamist Army of ,Sandjak’ and bloodshed

January 11, 2015 by


Calling for the formation of the Army of the Republic of Sandzak A large number of Bosniaks via Facebook supported the establishment of the Army of Sandjak  After the “March of Hadjet”, when young men in green uniforms (World War II SS Handjar unifroms)  marched through Novi Pazar, and threatened ‘Chetniks’ (Serbs) that the rivers […]

The Army of Islam marches in Novi Pazar, Serbia on September 4, 2014. again

September 5, 2014 by


The Islamist “Mufti army” marches in southern Serbia –  This year, the supporters of radical neo ottoman Mufti Muamer Zukorlic have organized “march on hajati” – a place where, according to the Islamic community in Serbia and Bosniak national council, post-war communist authorities have executed 2,000 “innocent” Bosniaks in 1945. The Council and their ‘Army […]

Why did NATO attack and bomb Serbia? The Serb resistance to NATO aggression was the resistance against NWO imperialism

May 30, 2014 by


Resistance to the NATO Aggression against Serbia – one of the Battles in the Global War – At the beginning of the NATO aggression in 1999 the Cuban leader Fidel Castro expressed belief that Serbian guerrilla skills, acquired and developed throughout history, will provide dignified resistance to air strikes and a potential ground invasion of the […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina & Turkey

February 20, 2014 by


I came across this ilustration; it trully ilustartes  what Turks are up to :   – that is unification with the whole of , unitary, eclusively Muslim Bosnia, without other etnicities nor nations. Some may say, Oh it’s a single anonimous person’s, who cares; But such a way of (not)seeing the things as they are  is […]

Entrusting home to arsonists – KFOR (NATO in Kosovo) handed over safeguarding of Serbian shrines to ‘Kosovo’ (Albanian) police

August 29, 2013 by


Protection of Serbian cultural and religious heritage in Kosovo has been one of NATO/ KFOR’s duties. After 14 years and destruction of  over 200 Orthodox shrines,  so-called Kosovo police  took over the role of providing  Serbian Orthodox monasteries and Patriarchate in Pec , so that the  international troops in Kosovo provide only Visoki Decani . […]