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WWII, Occupied Serbia, 1942: Operation Kopaonik – The Kriva Reka massacre

May 17, 2017 by


Mutilating and Roasting Serbs – even one month old infants were massacred by Wolksdeutchers ( Germans from Northern Serbia). Operation “Kopaonik”   leveled 75 years ago  the village of Kriva Reka, Kopaonik. Prince Eugen with their allies burning down the village of Kriva Reka, 1942.  Wolksdeutchers ( Germans from Serbia) together  with their allies in mid-October 1942, […]

The Albanian Muslim Battalion in the Bosnian Muslim Handzar Nazi SS Division: Kosovo Albanian Nazi SS tradition

March 24, 2017 by


SS Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler formed a Kosovo Albanian Muslim Nazi SS Division during World War II, the Skanderbeg SS Division, 21st Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Skanderbeg (1st Albanian), in 1944. He planned to form a second Kosovo Albanian Muslim SS Division but was not able to because the war ended before he could […]

Eight reasons why Ukraine is new Yugoslavia – analysis,

January 29, 2015 by


When the civil war in Ukraine started, the question that arised is whether there are similarities between Ukrainian and Yugoslav civil wars. So let’s compare these two countries, one that is falling apart – Ukraine and the other one that doesn’t exist anymore – Yugoslavia. Multinational country Yugoslavia was a multinational country with different national […]

12. February 1942. – the very first escape of inmates from one German WWII conc. camp took place in Nis, Serbia

February 13, 2014 by


12. February 2015. marks  73 anniversary of the escape from German conc camp ” Red Cross ” in Nis, Serbia, when Serbian inmates managed what seemed impossible. World War II veterans, survivors and relatives of the victims  traditionally marked the anniversary of the very first escape from a German conc camp in World War II […]

Conrad von Hetzendorf, the General who demanded war on Serbia 25 times within an year

February 4, 2014 by


At time when (on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War) there are almost daily attempts to reinterpretation and revision of the role of  Serbia in key reasons for the outbreak of the Great War, all in order to push aside well established facts of who and why […]

Kraljevo massacre, October ’41: One Hundred Serbs Shot for Every German Soldier Killed

October 14, 2013 by


On October 13,  1941, Serbian resistence attacked and besieged the central Serbian city of Kraljevo, occupied by the 717th German Wehrmacht Infantry Division. In response, the Division took Serbian civilians as hostages. On October 15, German troops were able to repel the Serbian attack with heavy losses. Shots continued to be fired into the town […]