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16th anniversary of the murder of 14 Serbian reapers in the wheat field in Staro Gracko, Lipljan, Kosovo i Metohija

July 23, 2013 by


Today is the 16th anniversary of the murder of 14 Serbian laborers in the wheat field. Murdered  Serbian wheat reapers /photo: Novosti  On 23. July 1999. Albanians and USA terrorists ambushed and killed 14 Serbs in the wheat field in  Staro Gracko near Lipljan. note: These scenes ARE NOT the scenes from the war but  after […]


June 5, 2013 by


Some 160 cultural monuments in Serbia have been threatened, damaged or destroyed, thus jeopardizing the survival of the outstanding cultural heritage of both Serbian and other peoples in our country – an inseparable, but still unique,  part of the European civilization. According to data of the Cultural Monuments Protection Institute of Serbia, NATO bombs have damaged 25 monasteries, 34 churches, […]

At the Turkish cemetery in Kosovska Mitrovica the remains of seven missing, and two mutilated body parts have been discovered

April 28, 2013 by


How come that NO MAINSTREAM MEDIA reported about this finding? Meanwhile CNN, BCC, DW, Al Jazeera were so eager in reporting  any /even false flag/ MASSACRE from Balkans  always with the emphasis on the presumed and probable  Serbian guilt, this time they remained mute.  Is that so because the remains were of the (still)  missing Serbs?  Because […]

‘Kosovo’ Albanians Praise NATO for 1999 Military Intervention

March 29, 2013 by


We have a proverb saying: things that make an honest man ashamed make the immoral proud. So in the same spirit,  Pristina’s (Albanian) leaders thanked NATO for launching its bombing campaign 15 years ago to end the Kosovo war, and stressed their hope of gaining NATO membership. .  Kosovo Albanian boy waving NATO flag;‘Kosovo’  president Atifete Jahjaga […]

Kosovo – Destruction of one religion – Documentary movie

March 24, 2013 by


Documentary movie about Kosovo and destruction of ortodox religion by radical muslim albanians. Movie shows documentary videos created by tv journalist from Russia.  This video presenting real evidences about ethnic cleansing of Serbs and other people on religion bases. All christians ortodox,catolic and other non muslim pupulation were expelled from Kosovo in period of 1980 […]

A Pilgrimage to Kosovo Today – An inspiring pilgrimage report by a nun Natalia of Holy Cross Skete with impressions from her visit to the Serbian Orthodox shrines of Kosovo i Metohija, 1996.

March 24, 2013 by


FIVE HUNDRED and thirty years ago, says St. Nikolai Velimirovic, “Tsar Lazar chose the heavenly Kingdom. He stood with Christ and His honorable Cross, and lost both his [earthly] kingdom and his head. The world thought that Lazar had suffered a catastrophic defeat and that the Serbian nation was broken forever. However, the event preserved […]

The National Theater of Pristina shares faith of their audience

March 23, 2013 by


The National Theater named after the city in which it has been established during the first years after the Italio – Germano Albanian occupation ended,  is already for more than a decade  outcast from their premises  and their city. Since than, The National Theatre in Pristina is a kind of a refugee, temporarily located in the northern (Serbian) part of […]