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Albanian women from Kosovo province training ISIS terrorists

January 30, 2016 by


Security experts claim that women mostly start fighting for ISIS while following their husbands, but there are those that think it is their moment to join the “holy mission” Accoring to the “Zeri” news agency from the city of Priština, women who join the Islamic state are mostly 23 years of age, and before joining […]

JacquesHogart: British SAS and Americans were attacking Serbian Churches, Monasteries,Refugees

February 8, 2015 by


  Jacques Hogard was one of the first Western officers who entered the territory of Serbia after the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement in 1999, and there he saw that the information he was given by NATO command does not correspond to the truth. He realized that  there was no humanitarian war, but on the […]

Retired Czech Vet Marek Obrtel returned his NATO medals: Genocide against Serbs took place in Kosovo, it was genocide instigated by the West

January 15, 2015 by


BELGRADE – Czech Lieutenant Colonel Marek Obrtel, who recently returned the NATO medals received for his role in the organization’s ‘peacekeeping’ missions, said that there has been genocide against Serbs in Kosovo instigated by the West. Orbtel says that the Euro-Atlantic Alliance is a criminal organization due to the policy pursued by its leaders. Photo: […]

Albanians desecrated Serbian Orthodox church in Lipljan after the graffitti glorifying Albanian terrorists, KLA (UCK) have appeared

January 13, 2015 by


Graffiti spelling out the Albanian acronym for “the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)” – UCK – appeared on the walls of a Serbian Orthodox church in the temporary occuied territories in Kosovo. The Church of Saint Flora and Lavre in the town of Lipljan was found defaced in this way on Saturday morning. The police and […]

Kosovo Albanian from Kacanik, known as the most monstrous Balkan jihadist, reportedly killed in Iraq

December 8, 2014 by


Notorious  Balkan jihadists, Lavdrim Mudzaheri ( Albanian: Lavdrim Muhaxheri)  from Kacanik was killed in a car bomb explosion in the Iraqi town of Tel Afar, about fifty kilometers from Mosul,  Kurdish media reported. Mudzaheri was on the US list of most wanted terrorists. “The convoy of six vehicles was on its way to Khalid army base […]

“We were finding bodies of killed Serbs every morning in Kosovo” – MAURO DEL VECCHIO, FORMER GENERAL OF ITALIAN ARMY IN KIM

February 16, 2014 by


Rome – Mauro Del Vecchio, former General of Italian Army who led the unit of 7,000 soldiers that entered Kosovo in June of 1999 after end of NATO air strikes on Serbia told Italian ‘Panorama’ weekly that during the first three weeks of the mandate ‘reports on the found bodies of killed Serbs and Romas […]

Entrusting home to arsonists – KFOR (NATO in Kosovo) handed over safeguarding of Serbian shrines to ‘Kosovo’ (Albanian) police

August 29, 2013 by


Protection of Serbian cultural and religious heritage in Kosovo has been one of NATO/ KFOR’s duties. After 14 years and destruction of  over 200 Orthodox shrines,  so-called Kosovo police  took over the role of providing  Serbian Orthodox monasteries and Patriarchate in Pec , so that the  international troops in Kosovo provide only Visoki Decani . […]