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Croatian deputy PM suspect war criminal, involved in killing of Serb civilians in multiple massacres

November 22, 2016 by


Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Damir Krsticevic is accused of war crimes committed against Serb civilians near Jajce, in Bosnia. This has been reported by the Croatian Nacional weekly, the Tanjug agency said on Tuesday. What Croatian weekly  fails to reveal is the fact that it was not a single such a massacre […]

New Attack on Serbs in Croatia – ‘Bothered by his Serbian Name’

February 22, 2016 by


Since Croatia became a member of the European Union (EU)  there have been increasingly frequent physical attacks on those few Serbs which, after  joint US/EU/Croatian criminal enterprize “Flash” and “Storm”,  have remained in their ancient homeland. The New Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 27, Macropedia (Knowledge in Depth), edition 1986, page 467, entry: Fascism in the Balkans […]

Horriffying confession of Croatian veteran: I killed 72 Serbs with my own hands inculding women; they were “Chetniks” [Serbs] and our enemies.

May 1, 2015 by


In 1995, here is what Tudjman said about the Serbs, as recorded and translated by the BBC Monitoring service: “And [applause – BBC] there can be no return to the past, to the times when they the Serbs were spreading cancer in the heart of Croatia, cancer which was destroying the Croatian national being and which did […]

22. April – Remembrance day of Croatian genocide of Serbs, Roma and Jews in Jasenovac; not a single EU, Croatian or Roman Catholic representative attended

April 20, 2015 by


“Here, the dark side of humankind wrote its most atrocious pages –  by trying to wipe out the Cyrillic alphabet and kill Serbs as nation” On Sunday, 22 April,  a ceremony was held in Donja Gradina, Republika Srpska (RS)  to mark Remembrance Day for the Jasenovac genocide victims. Jasenovac was a death camp complex located […]


April 7, 2015 by


Zagreb – Croatian president Grabar Kitarovic promoted Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac to be part of the advisory body of the Council for (Croatian)  homeland security. In an interview with “Vecernji list,”  Kitarovic said these promotions would be of ‘great importance for improvement in the national security strategy and future development of the Croatian armed […]

22. March 1942 – 22. March 2015. – Memorial service for 6,000 Serbs killed in Stari Brod held: When brave girls and mothers with children in their arms leapt into the Drina

March 22, 2015 by


In Stari Brod, Visegrad, memorial service was held for more than 6,000 Serbs who were killed by Independent state of Croatia forces,  members of the infamous Black Legion of Jure Francetic. This monstrous murder happened in the spring of 1942. Rev Dragan Vukotic said that on this day 73 years ago in the Drina canyon began […]

Neonazi Ustashi to line up in Zagreb with the blessing of the State – NAZISM in Croatia never dies

February 25, 2015 by


Lining -up of  ‘Indigenous Croatian Party of Rights’ armed units,  titled ‘Croatian patriotic forces’ to take place on  Ban Jelacic Square on Saturday, February 28.  What kind of representation of troops will take place, will they be armed or without arms –  was not possible to aknowledge, since the  HSP leader Drazen Keleminca  has been […]