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Obama’s ‘Unfinished Business’ and the Balkans (Part 1)

December 11, 2016 by


Every Us president had left some unfinished job. Andrew Korybko, program host at Radio Sputnik,  speaks about  the job(s) Obama  leaves unfinished. The Power of the President :  Obama ‘Involved United States in Four Ongoing Wars’ The prevailing myth is that the American President is some sort of omnipotent force capable of changing the course of global history with the […]

Former chief NSA analyst: Most of killed in Srebrenica were soldiers (Video)

October 20, 2016 by


The Mrkonjic Grad massacre- Two decades since discovery of Mass grave in Mrkonjic Grad

June 13, 2016 by


– MRKONJIC GRAD – For over two decades Western racists hide massacre of the Serbs In the chapel of St. Mark, wreaths are laid at the Memorial plaque at mass graves discovered in the Orthodox cemetery in Mrkonjić Grad, discoveder two decades ago.  Twenty years have passed since the opening of mass graves where 181 […]

Today marks 23 years since suffering of 126 soldiers and about 200 Serb civilians massacred by so called Bosnian Muslims

November 6, 2015 by


On Glođansko hill near Zvornik, Republic of Serbska, today marks 23 years of suffering of 126 soldiers of the Army of Repubic of Serbska  (VRS). The crime took place on 6 November 1992, when the young men were killed by Islamists of the so-called Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For Serbian speaking audience, the following […]

Bosnia i Hercegovina, Ozren: Мass grave containing cropses of massacred Serbs discovered

September 3, 2015 by


One smaller of 11 mass graves located on Ozren mountain area was exhumed,   it conatns 140 bodies of missing persons of Serbian nationality, reports SRNA. Exhumation of Martyrs – Jihadists and Mujahedins have tortured captured Serbs in the most brutal ways According to available information, it is assumed that the Ozren mass grave contains […]

Srebrenica Was An Inside Job

April 15, 2015 by


In the wake of the July 1995 fall of the Srebrenica enclave, thousands of Muslim soldiers and draft eligible men were killed or went missing. Some were captured and summarily executed by Bosnian-Serb forces, and others died in combat. Western governments, news media, and the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague have assiduously misled […]

How Muslim Islamist Regime Denied Water to Sarajevo Civilians and Blamed the Serbs

March 24, 2015 by


I came across the materials that revise How Dr Radovan Karadzic concluded his cross-examination of Ambassador Herbert Okun on April 28, 2010. The whole testimony sheds a different light on the whole story on the Siege of Sarajevo. I was unpleasantly surprised with the fact that, even though this testimony was given before the Tribunal […]