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Like Croats, like Albanians – ‘Death to all Serbs’, UCK (KLA in Albanian) and swastikas in Gnjilane, Kosovo i Metohija

February 17, 2017


In Gnjilane (Kosovo i Metohija) out of 8000 Serbs who lived in Gnjilane before the armed conflict in 1999 only 20 persons remain today. In the morning of 16th February near the Orthodox church appeared anti-Serbian graffiti calling for death of Serbs with swastikas and acronyms of the extremist Kosovo Albanian militia UCK which ethnically […]

Why the Albanians need tensions in the province of Kosovo i Metohija now?

February 2, 2017


One sharp and interesting  analysis of situation in Serbian province of Kosovo Metohija came last week from Andrew Korybko, program host at Radio Sputnik. Mr. Korybko speaks on how the whirlwind of geopolitics, military interests and global giants of business, as well as the change of US administration, could impact the fragile peace in Balkans […]

How Frankfurter Rundschau exposed another US/NATO lie: NATO used doctored video to justify bombing of passenger train

January 19, 2017


This has passed almost unnoticed and suppressed by global media: January  2000 German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau  exposing the lies of NATO commander in Europe, General Wesley Clark after the bombing of a passenger train on the bridge across the South Morava in Grdelica Gorge in April 1999, when at least 15 civilians have been killed. […]

Zagreb: Monument to Yuri Gagarin distorted, set on fire

January 4, 2017


Zagreb – Embassy of the Russian Federation in Zagreb condemned the act of vandalism when monument of the first man in space, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was set on fire and damaged. Monumet to Yuri Gararin, Zagreb The incident occured during the New Year celebration when some ‘unindentified hoologans’  – (expression used every time some Serbian property […]

Timothy Less advocates reshaping of Balkan boundaries

December 22, 2016


TIMOTHY LESS,  Director of Nova Europa, former diplomat in Banja Luka, an Associate Researcher at the University of Cambridge’s Forum on Geopolitics and formerly a British diplomat in Skopje in his lates article for Foreign Affairs magazine discusses perspective of Balkans and suggests that the EU and USA should abandon their policy of enforcing multiethnicity […]

Wiesenthal Center Denounces Plaque With Ustasha Slogan in Jasenovac site of Mass Murder by Ustasha while EU remains silent

December 13, 2016


  Wiesenthal Center Denounces Plaque With Ustasha Slogan in Town of Jasenovac, Site of Mass Murder by Ustasha December 6, 2016 Jerusalem – The Simon Wiesenthal Center today denounced the use of an Ustasha (Croatian fascist) slogan on a memorial plaque to Croatian soldiers who fell in the 90s, in the village of Jasenovac, site […]

Obama’s ‘Unfinished Business’ – Part II- Balkans and Middle East

December 12, 2016


Every Us president had left some unfinished job. Andrew Korybko, program host at Radio Sputnik,  speaks about  the job(s) Obama  leaves unfinished. Obama is no different than any of his predecessors in this regard. After Fighting in Syria and Iraq , the 44th President didn’t immediately pick up where his predecessor left off in the Balkans and instead […]