Kosovo Albanian Terror Threatens Venice – Albanian terror spreads in Italy

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Here’s the analysis of the  Kosovo Albanian Terror Plot to Blow up Rialto Bridge in Venice, made by Andrew Korybko, analyst at the Moscow-based Geopolitika.Ru  think tank


Italian officials stopped Kosovo Albanian Daesh terrorists from blowing up the world-famous Rialto Bridge in Venice last week.Although the event is somewhat dated by news cycle standards, it’s still worth reflecting on for everything that it signifies. The paramount concern for everyone who heard the story is that Daesh is now actively targeting Italy, though this isn’t exactly news because the group had earlier threatened the country a few years ago in its “Black Flag Over Rome” manifesto. What’s changed since then, however, is that we see that they managed to inspire operatives within the country to organize an attack, which was thankfully averted by the security services before anyone got hurt.


Italy’s an important target for Daesh for a few reasons, namely the fact that the Pope’s home of Vatican City is in Rome, the country is historically associated with Christianity, and Italy was involved in the War on Libya and reportedly has some special forces on the ground there. Moreover, because of its location right across the Mediterranean from that war-torn country, it’s a prime destination for all sorts of migrants, some of which could easily be terrorists which are posing as “refugees”. In addition, Italy is known for its famous tourist sites which attract millions of visitors from across the world, thereby presenting terrorists with a multitude of soft targets to carry out high-profile attacks against.

Extrapolating more broadly from what we know about this foiled plot, there’s the fact that all four of the suspects are Kosovo Albanians who were legally living in Venice. This draws awareness to the Albanian migrant crisis, which preceded the Mideast one though receives barely any attention to this day. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Albanians have left their home country and the NATO-occupied Serbian Province of Kosovo for the EU, a massive movement of people which proves that those two areas are failed entities. Albania has always had a slew of problems, but Kosovo never used to be this bad, though it began to resemble its dysfunctional neighbor after the 1999 NATO War on Yugoslavia and ethnic cleansing of the Serbs succeeded in turning it into one of Europe’s drug mafia headquarters.

It’s not only narcotics and crime, but also radical Islam which is contributing to the province’s many problems, as is painfully evidenced by the arrest of the four Kosovo Albanian Daesh terrorists. They’re not outliers, either, as many reports have come out over the past couple of years about how fertile of a recruiting ground Kosovo has become for terrorists. This is mostly attributable to its socio-economic devastation brought about by the NATO conflict there, which in turn created space for Wahhabis and other fundamentalists to prosper. Albanians have a history of migrating to and working in Italy, so in hindsight it’s predictable that the country would eventually become threatened by these sorts of terrorists. 

Still, I doubt that Italy can do anything about it because there are just too many Albanians living there and nobody has any idea how many are radicalized, so they’ll probably keep responding on a case-by-case basis unless they get brave and take systemic immigration measures to preemptively deal with this threat.

You can hear the whole interview here: https://sputniknews.com/radio_context_countdown/201704071052402005-susan-rice-scandal-new-pro-us-rebel-alliance-in-syria/

There’s nothing to add, except to remind that there have been several warnings concerning Kosovo Albanian terror – linked activities in Italy.
Two years ago,  both EU and Kurdish sources reported about  a

“group of Albanians from Albania and Kosovo which have formed an organization in Italy, in order to recruit IS (Islamic State) fighters.
Sources from the Albanian General Prosecution say that they’re communicating with their Italian counterparts over suspicions about a group called “Balkan Spinners.

The group has created jihadist cells which mainly operate in Italy. Members of the group, mainly Albanians from Albania and Kosovo, recruit young jihadists and send them to Syria. “

end quote

Declared as migrant workers in Italy, these people have made many efforts to convince citizens living in Italy to join jihadist groups and go to Syria as fighters.

Based on the investigations, the cells recruit these people by convincing them on the reasons why they should go and fight in Syria. After this, those who are persuaded, go through Albania, Turkey or Greece and then into the war zone in Syria.

Investigators say that four bases of  jihadist network in Italy have been currently identified. The main cells have been situated in Rome and Milan, but also in other areas such as Lucca and Siena.

In the Italian capital Jihadist cells have been identified as the most mobile and well organized, operating with intensity in the Centocelle quarter. All of these persons are under investigation. They are considered as very dangerous, because they represent the harshest jihad extremism. Their duty is to recruit people who aspire to fight in the Islamic State. This phenomenon has long spread in Albania and Kosovo, where inquests have been launched too.


Because beheading Serbs was acceptable, the Albanians have started to spread their terror in Italy. 

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