Like Croats, like Albanians – ‘Death to all Serbs’, UCK (KLA in Albanian) and swastikas in Gnjilane, Kosovo i Metohija

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In Gnjilane (Kosovo i Metohija) out of 8000 Serbs who lived in Gnjilane before the armed conflict in 1999 only 20 persons remain today. In the morning of 16th February near the Orthodox church appeared anti-Serbian graffiti calling for death of Serbs with swastikas and acronyms of the extremist Kosovo Albanian militia UCK which ethnically cleansed the city from Serbs despite the international presence.
Graffiti reading “Death to all Serbs” appeared Sunday on the wall of an elementary school in Gnjilane, Kosovo i Metohija.16806968_1610169058997226_1402301823490195861_n.jpg


“Meanwhile, another slogan, ‘I am proud to be Albanian’ was written in front of the gate surrounding the church of St. Nicholas in Gnjilane,” church security guard Vlastimir Đorđević told KiM radio, FoNet agency reported Wednesday.16711952_1610169055663893_1542207690749396577_n.jpg

He added that the remaining Serbs living in the Kosovo Pomoravlje feel ill at ease and intimidated as a result of the slogans.

Even though Kosovo Police Service (KPS) representatives say they have launched an investigation into the graffiti incident, Serbs living in Gnjilane are skeptical the perpetrators will be caught.16730123_1610168882330577_2632061186907235219_n.jpg

“We have no confidence in the KPS. Serbs in Gnjilane are scattered around, living in various parts of the town. Most of them are elderly people, living alone. There are few Serb families left. We see the church as our meeting place, where we feel safe,” a local told B92.

After Croatia, this is another one ‘young European democracy’ and sweetheart that appears to be what Serbs were claiming for decades – pro Nazi, pro Islamist  invaders and terrorists.


And you won’t see this in any media – when it comes to the suffernings of Serbs,  things never change

Abbot (iguman) at Visoki Dečani Serbian Orthodox Monastery Sava Janjic


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