Zagreb: Monument to Yuri Gagarin distorted, set on fire

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Zagreb – Embassy of the Russian Federation in Zagreb condemned the act of vandalism when monument of the first man in space, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was set on fire and damaged. Zagreb-spomenik-Juriju-Gagarinu.jpgMonumet to Yuri Gararin, Zagreb

The incident occured during the New Year celebration when some ‘unindentified hoologans’  – (expression used every time some Serbian property or church have been  attacked or damaged) damaged inscription on the monument, and then burned the statue.


Croatia is a single totally resurrected nazi state

The Monument to Gagarin has been revealed in October last year, when Russian ambassador to Croatia Anvar Azimov stated:

This bust is a symbol of the solid friendship between Russia and Croatia, and Gagarin is now yours, Croatian.”

Some commentators say that there can be no surprise, since Gagarin was an Orthodox, a hint about multiple genocide and ethnic cleansing of Serbs, their monuments andhistory from what’s modern day Croatia.


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