Leaving US Diplomats preventing Dodik to go on Trump’s inauguration

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BANJALUKA, December 24 /SRNA/ – SNSD leader Milorad Dodik has told SRNA that a US diplomat has recently asked him in a telephone conversation to give up the SNSD policy and its declaration and to heed the call by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office.


“I had a telephone conversation with the Deputy US Secretary of Sate /Hoyt/ Yee which was very difficult, in which he tried to explain to me that the position of the US is negative regarding that which I am doing, and asked me to give up the SNSD policy and our declaration regarding the processes for the year 2018, to heed the call by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office and another few things,” Dodik has said.

According to him, the US Ambassador to BiH was also on the telephone line when there was word of the SNSD policy.

“The SNSD has its bodies and they will decide of it. I will not give up the SNSD policy, a declaration was invented to make a fuss about it, no one has read it seriously,” Dodik has said.

He has said that the declaration says that the SNSD is committed to respecting the Dayton Agreement and that if the Agreement is not respected enough, it will consider ways Srpska will move on in 2018.

“This conversation absolutely amounts to the interference with the internal affairs. I have said that their insistence that I should go to the BiH Prosecutor’s Office leads me to conclude that the US administration is involved in this process which is politically staged. I consider their call the interference with the internal affairs and interference with the political processes,” said Dodik who is also the Republika Srpska President.

Dodik has said that he made it clear that he is ready to give a statement on the referendum in Republika Srpska to any institution located in Republika Srpska, such as the BiH State Investigation and Protection Agency /SIPA/ or the Republika Srpska Prosecutor’s Office.

“I do not have a negative attitude towards this issue, I ask rights that some others have. Why do they insist that I must go to the BiH Prosecutor’s Office in Sarajevo? This speaks to me that they are closely monitoring and creating these processes and relations,” Dodik told SRNA.

He has said that the purpose of the conversation was to make a certain platform so that the US Embassy could reject his request for a visa for the US, where he was invited to attend the inauguration of the newly-elected US President, Donald Trump, in January.

“I clearly said that it seems to me that the fact that I need to apply for a US visa in the coming days was the reason why they talked with me about these things, about the referendum which was held a few months ago. They always used to call a day earlier or a day later to express their position, not a moth or two later,” Dodik has said.

Dodik has said that he will apply for a visa in the coming days, and in case the present US administration grants him a visa, he will have an opportunity to meet with the most important people from Trump’s team one day before the inauguration.

“The meeting has been scheduled and I know the time and place. Will the old US administration prevent it because it is hard for it to explain how come Milorad Dodik is now in this story when I was a bad boy for them and was on all their black lists?” Dodik has said.

He has said that in case the old administration does not grant him a visa to attend the inauguration and prevents him from meeting with important people in Washington, then he will probably have another opportunity a few months later, as soon as the new administration is established.

Dodik has said that he was invited to attend the inauguration and the presidential ball, and that a meeting with a certain number of important people is planned for a day after the inauguration.

“Whether this will happen or not depends exclusively on the present US administration, whether they will grant me a visa or not,” Dodik has said.

Source: SRNA