Revision of Criminal Code:Indirect recognition of guilt for something that never happened

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.. and putting real crimes aside.
Since the process of revision of Serbia’s criminal code is aboout to end and masks are going down. It’s clear that the revision had a single goal: to introduce a change in the Criminal Code that would make “genocide denial” a crime in Serbia.  And not  every genocide, but the specific ones  – the new regulation is to be applied on cases in which there is a judgment of the domestic or the International Criminal Court. 

As for the  changes of the Code,  the existing article 387 of the Criminal Code was revised and supplemented with a new clause (5) that would make such denial prosecutable with a maximum punishment of five years in prison.

“Whoever publicly approves, denies, or significantly diminishes the gravity of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes committed against groups of persons or individual members of a group based on their race, skin color, religion, origin, or state, national, or ethnic affiliation, in a manner that could lead to violence or incitement to hate toward such a group or group-member, if such criminal acts have been adjudicated in a final judgment of a court in Serbia or the International Criminal Court, will be subject to imprisonment for a term from six months to five years.”

Andrew.jpg   Andrew Korybko, program host at Radio Sputnik, made an excellent observation about the changes of Criminal code:

The funny thing about this is that for as significant of a piece of legislation as it would be if it entered into force, barely anyone knew about it until last week because the Serbian government was trying to secretly push it through.
Let me start off by saying that yes, there have been genocides in the world, and I understand that some states already have laws in place banning the denial of what is commonly called the Holocaust, Russia included, but I don’t want to touch on these specific examples in my commentary.
Instead, I want to address what this means for Serbia and how it’s incredibly ironic, and in many ways an historical tragedy in fact, that Serbia, the country which has undergone multiple genocides against its people, is trying to push through a law which would ban anyone from presenting facts contrary to the mainstream media narrative that Serbs committed “genocide” in Srebrenica during the Bosnian Civil War and thus “deserved” to be bombed into oblivion by NATO.
The law is very clear that it refers only to “genocides” that have been recognized by Serbian courts or the International Criminal Court, the latter of which Russia recently pulled out of because of its hyper-politicization and biased agenda.
The ICC previously ruled that some Serbs carried out “genocide” in Srebrenica, including former President of Republika Srpska Radovan Karadzic, but this has been meticulously debunked by Serbian-American researcher and President of the Srebrenica Historical Project Stephen Karganovic, whose work I emphatically encourage everyone to check out if they’re interested in this topic and the truth about what really happened.
The whole world knows about the Western lies but is ignorant about the popular Serbian position on Srebrenica, and I find it totally absurd that the Serbian government – which is a lot more pro-Western than most alternative media portrays it as – wants to threaten its citizens with jail time for discussing the Serbian viewpoint about why the Bosnian Serbs did not commit “genocide” in Srebrenica.
You know, this is a total slap in the face to all Serbs, both those that are presently living and all of those who have previously lived, because Serbia never committed “genocide” in its entire history, though it has been the victim of several. Look what the Ottoman Turks did to the Serbs during the nearly half a millennium occupation, but wait, there wasn’t an ICC around then to label it as “genocide” so no one knows about it or sheds a tear outside of Serbia, right? How about World War I, when the Austria-Hungarians wiped out over a quarter of the population? And let’s not forget World War II, when the Nazis and their Croatian Ustashe collaborators carried out a purposeful policy of extermination against the Serbs, including in the notorious Jasenovac death camp. And what about more recently when the US military and its mercenaries helped the Croatians in Operation Storm, a five-day-long hellish operation that forcibly removed around a quarter of a million Serbs from the Serbian Kraijina in what is now Croatia but had been the Serbs’ ancestral home for centuries? So when I think of Serbs, I admit, I do think of genocide, but not in terms of them ever having done this to others, but how Serbs have been victimized by this evil three times in the past century alone.
starts from  5min 36 sec  and can be heard here:

Unlike other national tribunals in the region, Serbian War crime tribunal did nothing but releasing Albanian terrorists and organ harvesters on one and arresting and sending Serbs to Hague, Croatia, etc
Mr Vukcevic, controversial War crime investigator, has acted upon US embassy orders.
War Crime tribunal has never investigated any case of war crimes comitted against Serbs. For example during the Bosnian war, signficant number of Muslims from Raska oblast  (or as they call it Sandjak), participated in Jihad. They were torturing and murdering Orthodox Christian Serbs, looting ther vilages, robbing and raping.
But nothing could prevent  Serbian War Crime tribunal and prosecutor from not acting.
However not a single case  of these crimes has ever been investigated.  It’s the same case with Albanian terrorists in southern Serbia – Medvedja, Bujanovac, Presevo;  even though some of the former KLA terrorists  were put on trial, they were all mysteriously acquitted.
Therefore, there’s no verdict for the crimes and genocidde comitted on Serbs.
However, not many are aware of the fact that Serbian court  had sentenced Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and other global warmongers for crimes commited 1999 during the aggression vs. Serbia/then – Yugoslavia. There is a verdict of the District Court,  Belgrade issued on September 1, 2000against then top Western leaders for war crimes against the Serbian population.

For instance, Tony Blair was sentenced to 20 years for inciting a war of aggression, violation of territorial sovereignty, for the crime of murder highest authorities in an attempt and war crimes against the civilian population of SR Yugoslavia. 

In the District Court of Belgrade on September 22, 2000, the President of the court, Veroljub Raketic, handed down guilty verdicts against government leaders of NATO countries for war crimes.

The defendants in the trial were: Tony Blair, Robin Cook, George Robertson, Bill Clinton, MadeleineAlbright, William Cohen, Jacques Chirac, Hubert Vedrine, Alain Richard, Gerhard Schroeder, JoschkaFischer, Rudolf Scharping, Javier Solana and Wesley Clark – all of which were sentenced to 20 years in a Yugoslav prison.

The Yugoslav government issued arrest warrants for all of them, charging that between March 24 and June 10, 1999, during the NATO attack on Yugoslavia, they carried out:

  • Crimes against humanity and breaches of international law;
  • Inciting to an aggressive war;
  • violation of Yugoslavia’s territorial sovereignty
  • The attempted murder of Slobodan Milosevic, President of Yugoslavia;
  • War crimes against civilians
  • The use of weapons banned under international law. 

On April 18th 2001, it was reported that the former U.S. president Bill Clinton was sent a verdict sentencing him in absentia to 20 years in prison for “crimes against civilians” committed during NATO’s 1999 attack on Yugoslavia. According to news reports, Clinton, and his lawyers, also received a decision on the issuing of a warrant for his arrest.

Unfortunately after the October 5th coup when Milosevic decided to step dow,  NATO brings their counterpart to power naming it ‘democracy’.  Theyy have occupied all institutions.
Milosevic was imprisoned, and one of the first thing new puppet Serbian goverment did, was to abolish the verdict and abandon the whole process.

Appointing Tony Blair as an adviser is, de facto, a conclusive evidence that Serbian political elite isn’t sesitive about war crimes comitted against their own people and, on the other hand, that they’re not  sensitive concerning crimes at all, unless their political careers can be built up on it.


One of recent slaps in the face of Serbian nation came when Vucic met war criminal Bill Clinton and even supported Hillary ‘s run for president.
Serbian pm made several million dollars donation to Clinton foundation as well.