Croatian deputy PM suspect war criminal, involved in killing of Serb civilians in multiple massacres

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Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Damir Krsticevic is accused of war crimes committed against Serb civilians near Jajce, in Bosnia.

This has been reported by the Croatian Nacional weekly, the Tanjug agency said on Tuesday.

What Croatian weekly  fails to reveal is the fact that it was not a single such a massacre commited  by current Croatian deputy PM, Krsticevic.

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With another high positioned war criminal, Ante Gotovina.

As for the Jajce massacre, the Croatian press refers to information originating from the Republic Center for Investigation of War Crimes in Banja Luka, in the Serb Republic.
The Croatian magazine said it has revealed “previously unknown and covered-up” complaints against Krsticevic.
The war crimes in question were committed on September 13, 1995 in the village of Bravnice, near the town of Jajce, during so called Operation Mistral – an offensive carried out by the Croatian Army and the Croatian Defense Council (HVO).

Krsticevic Damir  left his bloody traces in Mrkonjic grad as well.  

After members of the Croatian Army attacked Srbobran (Donji Vakuf) on September 13, 1995, the Serb population in the area, most of them women, children and the elderly, started fleeing toward Jajce and Banja Luka. A column moving from Srbobran towards Jajce was attacked on September 13, 1995 near the village Bravnice, about three kilometers from Jajce, by members of the Croatian Army who were waiting in ambush and proceeded to kill without mercy,” writes Nacional.

According to the article, the victims were unarmed civilians from the refugee convoy,, taken completely by surprise, and offering no resistance.

During the attack some were killed immediately, and others wounded. According to witnesses, more than half of all passengers in one bus alone were either killed or wounded by Croatian Army fire. The same bus with the victims was then hit by a Zolya (RPG) and set on fire, with the remaining wounded, and the dead, inside,” reads the article.

Croatian deputy PM Damir Krsticevic participated in Mrkonjic Grad massacre, where 181 victims, Serbian nationals, were murdered during aggression of joint Croatian and Bosnian Muslim terrorist forces on 13 Western Krajina municipalities of the Republic of Serbska in September and October 1995.

Once Republic of Serbska regained the area of Mrkonjic Grad,  the largest mass grave was discovered at the Orthodox cemetery; where 81 civilians, including ten women, 97 members of the Army of the Republic of Serbska and three members of the police were exhumed.
The oldest victim was 90 and the youngest only seven years old

In Mrkonjic Grad area,  in several  other tombs found in this municipality,  176 bodies more were discovered, and the results of the autopsy ( exectuted by prominent  Belgrade patologist Zoran Stankovic)  shows that all the persons were tortured , massacred, suffered great pains before they died. 


The excavation of mass grave in Mrkonjic Grad, Serbian Orthodox cemetery started on 1. April 1996: 181 massacred, mutilated corpses as testimony of Croatian and Bosnian Muslim monstrous fanaticism. 

Forensic expert Slobodan Radulj says the mass grave was discovered in two hundred meters long pits in which the corpses were wrapped in nylon bags and lined up like sardines in cans.

–  The condittion of the victims, missing body parts indicates that they were subject to incredible torture;   we disciivered burned blody parts, as well as clothes and footwear.
They found the gas burner, barbed wire aaround the victims  bullets and infantry weapons – Radulj said.

Families of the victims were bitter because despite all the evidence, they are still waiting for justice.

Zdravko Karać, man who found  remains of  his brother, says that according to the remains, there were the remains of  Serbs who were tortured, mutilated and massacred before they died.
– It was terrible. It was a massacre, because the bodies were mutilated. The victims were brutally tortured in various ways – said Karać.

At the press conference for foreign and domestic reporters held in Pale, Zoran Stankovic M.D. – pathologist of the Military Medical Academy, Belgrade – who investigated 30 mass graves in Bosnia with his forensics team, revealed that 181 bodies have been exhumed at the Orthodox graveyard in Mrkonjic Grad.

— The head wounds found on 102 victims, appear to be the same as those observed on victims in Mostar, Kupres Valley and River Sava Valley, and according to doctor Stankovic, this indicates a characteristic treatment of the prisoners by the Croats.
The same forensics expert drew a parallel with the report on Croatian and Moslem crimes against Serbs during WW I [World War One] by Dr. Archibald Rice and similar reports on crimes comitted during WW II.

He remarked that the methods of killing remained the same, and offered the example of  Croatian Army colonel Boris Zdilar, who stated in an interview for Croatian Television that the victims in Mrkonjic Grad were members of the Bosnian Serb Army (VRS) and that they were killed in action, whilst the investigation revealed that the victims were 60, 70 and even 80 years old. Mr. John Gerns – expert of the Hague Tribunal that monitored the exhumation of the mass graves in Mrkonjic Grad, confirmed Dr. Stankovic’s findings and stated that the Hague Tribunal will base its investigation on them.


Data knows no geopolitical interests   (source: http://www.srpska –

Even though they try to alert  public in order to force the Prosecution to finally start the process,  like usually when the Serbs were victims –  nothing happens.

Memories of the beloved ones– God forbid anyone and save from  tragedy that befell my family when the Croatian army killed my brother Dusko, cousins Petar and Milorad – said 40-year-old Petar Mitrić from Mrkonjic Grad.  The Mitrić brothers – Petar and Milorad, massacred in October 1995, were exhumed on 2 April 1996 and Dusko’s body  only a day later in a mass grave at the Orthodox cemetery in Mrkonjić Grad.

The folowing Croatian and Bosnian Muslim  units participated terror in Western Bosnia i Hercegovina:
– so called 4th and 7th Guards Brigade, 1st Croatian Guard regiment, several detachments and companies of  the so called HV and HVO commanded by Army ‘generals’  Ante Gotovina, Rahim Ademi, Ljubo Cesic Royce, Damir Krstičević, Ivan Korade, Miljenko Filipović, and HVO ‘generals’ Stanko Sopta, Zlatan Mijo Jelic and Zeljko Glasnović.

In Western Krajina municipalities – Mrkonjic Grad, Kupres, Glamoc, Grahovo, Drvar, Petrovac, Sanski Most, Kljuc, Jajce, Sipovo, Donji Vakuf and Krupa na Uni, in the autumn of 1995, the Croatian army committed terrible crimes.

According to official data, they killed 2000 Serbian civilians and captured soldiers.  Croatian and Bosnian Muslims have exterminated more than 120,000 Serbs, destroing all their property and estate.

Despite extensive documentation that was submitted to the Hague Tribunal and the national judiciary – no one has has ever held responsible.

In Mrkonjic grad, Croat Nazis (Ustashas) are back:
Whole families – burned to death

Wednesday, April 10, 1996

Yesterday, in the village of Suvjan, close to Mrkonjic Grad, eight civilian victims were identified, mostly old people. Entire Serb families of Grmas, Rozic and Jorganovic were found – burned to death – in the house of [69 years old] Pantelija Grmas.

The victims of this Croat Ustashas’ atrocity perpetrated during their offensive last October, were identified as:
– Pantelija (Stanka) Grmas – woman born in 1926,
– Sava (Jove) Grmas – man born in 1928,
– Branko (Simeuna) Rozic – man born in 1926,
– Nevenka (Stanka) Rozic – woman born in 1932,
– Radojka (Branka) Rozic – woman born in 1961,
– Radojka (Sima) Jorganovic – woman born in 1926,
– Jela (Jova) Jorganovic – woman born in 1934,
– Branko Kudra – man born in 1938

(End quote)

Notice the age of the victims. How would the Western press react if it was Serbs who were found to murder old, helpless people? Would that not be the front page article for New York Times and the like?

What could be the point of purposely murdering a 90 years old person? Just because the person was born as a Serb? What is the message of such atrocities? And yes – Croat Nazis clearly wanted the leave the message as they left bodies of their victims unburied for everyone to see. The murderers were in the area months after the crime – but did not care to try to hide it.

What is absolutely shocking is this blunt repetition of the horrible history. It is the worst nightmare becoming true. The very same people who somehow survived appalling atrocities of the original Ustashas – during WWII and the time of Hitler, did not manage to survive this time and the second onslaught of revamped Ustashas during the reign of one Bill Clinton!

How appalled would the world be if Germans resumed burning the Jews? Why is the world not appalled when the victims are the Serbs?

Remember the sentence Encyclopedia Britannica repeated for almost two decades?

” … In Bosnia… The Croatian fascists began a massacre of Serbs which, in the whole annals of World War II, was surpassed for savagery only by the mass extermination of Polish Jews.”

(end quote)

There you have the Serbian suffering in Bosnia in 1940’s. Here you have Serbian suffering in Bosnia in 1990’s.

And Croatia, the very first resurrected Nazi state ever, rewarding a mas murderer and  war criminal.

Like state, like her representatives.

М.Град – Двије деценије од отварања масове гробнице