Now this is a bomb: Izetbegovic and Muslim leadership had ordered Celo to assassinate Bosnian Serb wedding guest and start the War in Bosnia, says key witness before the Court

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Media failed to report single word about one event of extremely gret importance. Probably because it ruins all the fabrications and manipulation they produced in order to deceive global audience.
It ruins all what you’ve been told about war in Bosnia.

Balkan insight reports that “Bosnian Muslim politician Fahrudin Radoncic’s testimony at a drug lord’s trial in Kosovo has shaken  parties in Bosnia.”

Radončić Fahrudin.jpg
Fahrudin Radoncic, Bosnian Muslim politician, leader of the Alliance for Better Future, witness in Keljmendi mafia case

The importance of the revealed facts could shake the world.

The media mogul, construction tycoon and SBB leader was in Kosovo for the past week, testifying in the trial of Naser Keljmendi, considered one of the leading drug lords in the Balkans.

Radoncic’s testified about his alleged links with Keljmendi and other members of mafia and political circles in the region.

In court, Radoncic denied any special links with Keljmendi but then spoke about other members of organized crime gangs in Bosnia, such as Ramiz Delalic “Celo” who was killed in June 2007.

In his televised testimony, Radoncic said that before, during and after the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia, Celo acted as a contract killer for the Bosnian Muslim political leadership and its secret service, when Bakir’s father, Alija Izetbegovic, led the SDA, their politicaly party.
He also spoke about Alija Izetbegović ‘s activities concerning bringing mujahedins to Europe, the protection radical islamists have enjoyed in Bosnia, and how Izetbegovic had turned Bosnia i Hercegovina into radical islamist base and safe haven. 

Radoncic said the Bosnian Muslim leadership had ordered Celo to assassinate a member of a Bosnian Serb wedding party in Sarajevo, in March 1, 1992, recalled as one of the key events that triggered the war in Bosnia.

On March 1, 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina held a referendum on independence, where 62.7 percent of Muslim and Croat voters voted for independence and a breakup from the then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY).

The present-day Federation of BiH marks the day as the “independence day” while the Serbs in BiH see this date as the day when an illegitimate decision was made by  Muslim and Croat people against the Serb interests.

On March 1, 1992, Serb wedding guest Nikola Gardovic was killed outside the Serbian Orthodox Church at Bascarsija in central Sarajevo, and Serbian flag  was set to fire  , which incident portended the civil war in the former Bosnia and Herzegovina.

25 years later  the world could hear the truth.

This is the first time that some Bosnian Muslim official admits what’s been known from the very start in Bosnia, what the Serbs repeated hundred times, yet the mainstream media holds on to their manipulation about  ” Serbian aggression” (how could any nation be aggressor on their own soil?  Especially when other shoot  and kill them?)  and the Serbs who started the war.

Globalist media and their local outlets won’t even mention this, in order to keep the construction intact.

As for Bosnian Muslim politician involved with Kosovo Albanian mafia, Bosnian Muslims  and Albanians have been cooperating  since ever, and it’s not just the confession they have in common. They’re both former Hitler’s proxy and NATO intervened against Serbs in behalf of both.  In return. they’re  sending volunteers to fight against Assad in Syria in behalf of USA/NATO and they keep training camps for Islamists in the territories they control in Bosnia (Maoča for ex), occupied Kosovo i Metohija, (Kachanik, Bondsteel camp near Urosevac..) and in Albania on several locations.   The Corridor is  constantly used for narco business.
In return NATO have almost  finished the establishment of  their old project, Green Corridor. Green is the colour of Islam, and Green corridor means free flow for Islam into Europe.
They also use the corridor for trade, business, traveling, etc. So it’s not big deal for Bosnian Muslim politician to have business in occupied Kosovo. He  wouldn’t be shot dead for not speaaking Albanian language. And Naser Keljmendi is an ethnic Albanian living in  – Sarajevo.


“Jihadist Network in the Balkans” from the Italian geopolitical review Limes (October 2008) shows the western half of the Green Corridor (La dorsale verde) and key centers of Islamic activity.





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