They’re Doing it Again: Bakir, Britain’s and USA Bosnian protégé in bed with Iran

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TEHRAN – The Iranian ambassador to Sarajevo said on Monday that the visit to Tehran by Bosnia and Herzegovina’s President Bakir Izetbegovic marks a turning point for promotion of mutual ties in political, economic and cultural areas. 

Officially, it’s just strengthening economic, cultural connections and simialr.  Or maybe also  those from 1992 – 1995, when Great Britain and USA were behind the deal? As they’re today agan, since Bakir Izetbegovic  has always  been their protégé.


The People`s Mujahideen Of Iran during Jihad ( war) in Bosnia – During the four-year Bosnian war, when America and Europe would not arm and equip the Bosnians, Iran sent thousands of tons of weapons and hundreds of military trainers and intelligence  officers, violatig UN enmbargo, in cooperation with London and Washington  

This photograph was published in some Western newspapers, but only once. Indeed, the Western media published very little about the fierce fundamentalism of the Bosnian ‘government’ or about the money, weapons and thousands of terrorists shipped into Bosnia by Iran  (but also Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other Islamist states). And none mentioned that the Pentagon was coordinating this violent onslaught. Nor did the media tell people that Bosnian Muslims were divided, that a large number of them opposed the extremists or that many were allied with the Bosnian Serbs.

Deprived of this basic information, bombarded with media reports describing an imaginary secular government in Sarajevo, most people in the West had no understanding of what was happening in Bosnia. 

Mahmoud Heidari said Iran was among the first countries that recognized Bosnia and Herzegovina as an independent state after the breakup of Yugoslavia, ILNA reported.Heidari added the two countries have enjoyed cordial relations during the past 25 years. . 

Baku, Azerbaijan, Oct. 25

By Fatih Karimov – Trend:

Bosnia and Herzegovina can facilitate Iran’s entry into the European markets, said Bakir Izetbegovic, head of presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Izetbegovic made the remarks during a joint press conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran Oct. 25, IRINN TV reported.

He said the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or nuclear deal) has provided good grounds for development of bilateral relations between Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He further said that Tehran and Sarajevo must take steps to facilitate grounds for mutual investment.

“We will sign agreements for cooperation between the small and medium-sized enterprises of the two countries,” Izetbegovic said, adding that facilitating visa issuance and easing bank cooperation are two necessary measures, which should be taken by both countries. 


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Cairo, Eypt 2014 – Bosnian Muslim member of the BiH Presidency Bakir Izetbegovic preforms Muslim brotherhood symbol ( Rabia), in the BiH embassy in Cairo,  which resulted in dilpmatic scandal anf protest note by Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, minister Badr Abdulati. 

What does rabia represent and mean? 

rabia_r4bia_selami_isareti_ne_anlama_geliyor_rabia_sembolu_nedir_h14017.jpgRabia/ Rabiah, in protests commnoly written  “R4BIA”,   is a Muslim brotherhood symbol; notice the places MB considers as part of teir network. The design of the symbol has been endowed with characteristics of the sacred in Islam: the color yellow used in the background signifies the golden Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the hand depicted in the color black denotes the black cloth that covers the Kaaba.

He also referred to tourism as a good sector for cooperation between the two sides.
( Shipping mujahedins as 1992 – 1995?)

Elsewhere in his remarks, Izetbegovic said Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina will cooperate in fighting terrorism and extremism, and promoting the true image of Islam.

Rouhani, for his part, said that Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina enjoy friendly ties from beginning, underlining that the JCPOA has provided grounds for development of relations between the two countries.

He said the two parties discussed regional issues as well, highlighting extremism and terrorism as common threats to both countries.

Peaceful coexistence was emphasized by two sides as a basis for peace and stability, Rouhani added. 

This is a call for the peaceful coexistence between Bosnian and non domestic muslims, and cetainly not an appeal to Izetbegovic to be more tollerant to his Serb neighbors. Oh wait, there’s almost no Serbs in Sarajevo.
Some were  murdererd, tortured, and over 
120 000 were forced to flee. 

Exodus from Sarajevo – over 120 000 Sarajevo Serbs were forced to flee leaving all their life and property to fanaticized  neighbors.( see Sarajevo exodus; images from 0:50 )

He also said that promoting moderate Islam can form a basis for peaceful coexistence of all people.

Pictures: Sarajevo 1980.


Sarajevo today:

young women sarajevo ule.jpg

Izetbegovic arrived in Tehran on Oct. 25 morning and held a meeting with Rouhani after an official welcome ceremony.

There has been a growing enthusiasm for closer ties with Iran after the JCPOA came into force last January.

Rouhani has already announced that Tehran welcomes warmer ties with the European countries, noting that such cooperation will greatly contribute to the settlement of regional and international issues.


Sarajevo Mosque or  King Fahd  mosque with imam Nezim Halilovic is a place where  request upon destructon of Republic of Serbska ,  together with propagandic mantra anout the  “entity built on crime and genocide”.can often be heard.  And such statements are very popular terms among Bosnian Muslims. Their purpose is clear – they are to justfy any future attack, murder or possible Islamic terror vs. Serbs and the Republic).  
It is rather strange that person who is a spiritual leader, which, ipso facto, should spread peace and tolerance, invites war and jihad for the second time in 25 years, right? No. The same imam Neziim Halilovic was jihadist commander during the war in Bosnia.
All that hhappens in the town where Bakir Izetbegovic lives, works and rules.
Just don’t tell me that he’s unimformed.

War time jihadist commander Nezim Halilovic with his troops in the video dedicated to him:

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