Endless Horror in Occupied Kosovo: Two Ederly Serbian women murdered in Strpce, one of them massacred

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Draginja Nikolčević, 80 years old woman, was slaughtered last night in Strpce; meanwhile the police have discovered body of another elderly woman in the same neighborhood,  whose identity will be announced later, as the director of the Secondary school in Strpce Predrag Krstic conformed.

Both ladies lived near the school in Serbian enclave of Strpce.
Strpce is  the largest Serbian enclave surrounded by hostile Albanian population.

According to Krstic,  Nikolčevic  was slaughtered last night  and her remains were discovered  by so called Kosovo Police Service.
The body was immediately switched for autopsy to Pristina, which is quite insane, as if sending remains of slaughtered Syrians to ISIS hospitals in Mosul, for ex.


Krstic confirmed that this crime alarmed locals.

“We are planing to hold protests in front of the school because of this crime, and increased fear and insecurity among parents and professors,”

He added that the police this morning started the investigation.

The murder of the old women in Strpce has been confirmed in the Kosovo Police Service whose officials shall, (as thousand times when Serbs were victims) issue a statement. 

Seems that  this is just another Albanian crime ignored by global(ist) media.








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