Ethic cleansing through robberies: Serbian family from Novo Brdo per night lost almost all their herds

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They want us all gone! –  says  Miljković family  embers from the village of Izvor. Their herd has been stolen overnight, which brings their bare existence into question. 

After a short break the stealing of cattle in Novo brdo area has started again.  During the night Sunday to Monday, the ‘unknown’ perpetrators stole almost all herds the family got. And that was all the property and source of small, but more or less certain income.
How can they survive and what will they live from now, they don’t know .
“It happened two nights ago. They took my four cows, a bull and a calf. They tried to  take away both calves, but failed – they could not take both, “
says Miodrag Miljkovic, who,  despite all,  will not give up.

“I will fight like I fought so far. I will go forward, I’m sure in myself. What happens next, we will see. “

Živojin Simonovic from the village Bušince, municipality of Novo Brdo,  during the night 15 – 16 June had lost two purebred pregnant cows, worth not less than 4 thousand euros.


More and more Serbian stables remain empty due to Albanian constant  robberies.

At the same time, Branko Simic from the same village lost his vehicle Oplel Vectra, which was stolen,  while another car was broken into,  and  wallet with documents and credit cards was stolen.  As usually in such situations, the police  ” investigates”  “looking for the perpetrators,”, etc…
The Novo Brdo mayor, Svetislav Ivanovic condemned the recent theft of livestock and cars in the municipality of Novo Brdo and urged all institutions to prevent such incidents, which instil fear among Serbian population.

The thefts of Serbian property occure  more and  more frequently.  For less than a year in our municipality 17 cattle heads, a number of  cow flocks, as well as beehives.  ”

The Novo Brdo mayor points out that the frequent theft demoralize people who are engaged in agriculture, because they live in fear that someone will steal the fruits of their hard work.  

On June 10. in Klina, local Serb, returnee, Zivan Mazic was attacked and stoned


Mazić was attacked by (as always) unknown ethnic Albanians  who threw stones and eggs at him.  Fortunately Mazić was not seriously injured.
The case was reported to local police.

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