The Drowned Shrine

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What’s the difference between the Serbian political rulling class and ISIS?
While ISIS use hammers, explosives to destroy Christian shrines; Serbian rulling elites  use water.

Lately in Serbia cultural treasures are very often being damaged or destroyed due to human factors and negligence of those who hold the reins of power. After an early Christian basilica and a 600-year old oak which was  remembered even by the Serbian epic poetry and the Kosovo cycle (14. century)-  destroyed due to road construction, today, another old Serbian monastery  have  been drowned. The Church of the Holy Archangel Michael, popularly known as Valjevska Gračanica is sacfified when ‘democratic rulers’ of Serbia decided to build regional hydro reservoir lake Rovni.


Despite numerous efforts to save the monastery all was in vain. . This 15th century monastery owns a bell which is among the oldest preserved in Serbia. In the Great War, the Austro-Hungarian army took down all the church bells from churches across Serbia as war booty, and then melted into cannon tubes and shells. The bell in Valjevska Gračanica is one of the few that survived those turbulent times. It was made in 1860 in the foundry of Joanes Bota, in Vršac, Serbia.

Pro EU &NATO rullers of Serbia, insane and hysteric, eager to be more alike Serbia’s neighboring states, have decided to act the same way the above mentioned neighbors did towards the Orthodox shrines – to destroy them.
What is Serbia witnessing is the drowing Valjevska Gračanica, a 14. century Serbian Orthodox miraculous church….
Monks, priests and believers who guarded the church were forced by police to leave. Those who resisted and tried to protect the church from the obscure rulling quasielite, have been arrested.

Serbia is a democratic state; After 2000- th, all Serbia’s presidents and prime ministers have been globaly welcomed as bearers of freedom and democracy, even though they have been not more than corrupted  bureaucrats and minions, often  chosen among the worst in order to success in enforcing the Bad Management operation.

The operation called “Bad management” is the strategy the Americans used during World War II against Nazi Germany. Today it’s successfully applied on Serbia and the Serbs. In order to crush the economy, crush the economic potential and turn it into enslaved colony, all the key positions  have been occupied by the incompetent, dishonest, often obscure and uneducated staff, trainees from Soros funded courses; in another term – immorality, ignorance and obediance are the most desireable characteristics including  youth, – without knowledge and experiences, neither in life, nor in profession.

 But besides all the conditons mentioned, there’s another conditio sine qua non to get a position:  the candidates have to despize  and detest  their own country – that’s logical, since otherwise, –  how could they betray? This was their way to bring Serbia to slavery without direct involvement of foreign agents.


The most successful World war II covert operation has been conducted on the territory of Nazi Germany and it had the code name Bad management . The Secret Service in charge was called the Office of Strategic Services-  OSS. After the World War II ended, the OSS has been officially dismantled; Off the record, it was transfomed into a new service: the Central Intelligence Agency – CIA.

Having obtained a false documents, degrees and diplomas, dishonest ignorants started to take over higher positions in German factories. How will manage the factories studied for months by experienced Aerican directors, who taught them to do the opposite of good governance in order to destroy the factory and disable the production.

That’s what Serbia got after 2000.
Drowning ancient monasteries, cutting 600 years old oak tree, covering 6th century basilica with concrete and asphalt, indulging unfriendly states to organize publishing of  history schoolbooks, drowning monasteries and churches, all comes from the same source. by same corrupted useful idiots.
At the same time, all post 2000-th goverments have allowed Albanians to erect monumets to the KLA terrorists in the city of Preševo; numerous mosques have been built throughout the state by Bosnian Muslims and Albanians without any obstatcle;  But only Serbian orthodox church has to be destroyed, in the total silence of the Serbian and global media as well.

Gracanica nm.jpg

Is Serbia free?  Is there freedom in Serbia?
I could say yes, but for non Serbs only. It’s the Serbs whose churches, shrines have been destroyed, asphalted, cut away…. Where were the EU commisioner For – All  -and – Everything, protection of rights of Albanians, Croats, Gypsies, Turks, migrants and Immigrants, gays, LGBT, bumblebees etc?
Why does the World remain silent about the criminal drowning of the Gracanica of Valjevo? ? That’s just an ancient Serbian Orthodox shrine, who cares? ( Older than the USA, btw).

Must be another idea of  the offical gov. advisor, Tony Blair?

We were all born to die once;
It’s honor and shame that live forever.





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