Croatia: Serbian Orthodox Grammar School Students Stoned In Zagreb, Croatia; two Serbs stabbed in Skopje, FYR Macedonia, one Serb home burned in Peć, Kosovo: another Serb hunting season has started

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ZAGREB – Students of the Serbian Orthodox Grammar School in Zagreb have been stoned and subjected to chauvinistic hatred and insults by a group of peers from a nearby Croatian school, the Metropolitanate of Zagreb and Ljubljana of the Serbian Orthodox Church said in a statement on Tuesday.


Stoned, attacked: Serbian Orthodox Grammar School in Zagreb

The students were physically attacked last Friday on their way to school after the attackers shouted nationalist insults at them in a public transport bus, hurling stones in the street and as they entered the schoolyard.

Fortunately, none of the students were injured in the attack, the statement said.

The police – which have been given the video footage captured by the school’s security cameras – and other relevant institutions ‘have been notified of the incident.’ (sic)                                                                                                             The perpetrators remain unknown.

Two Serbian nationals, ND (23) and SS (25), in Skopje, were physically attacked by several unknown persons, and during the attack ND was injured after the criminals stabbed him in the chest.  

As FYR Macedonian media states, the citizens of Serbia were attacked yesterday in the Old Skopje bazaar.                    The perpetrators remain unknown.

This is not the first time that Serbs are subject to violence and hatred in Skopje – only few years ago, before a footbal match Serbia – Macedonia, Serbian supporters were first stoned, and  three Serbs were stabbed on Macedonia sqare.

Zvezdin navijač
Red Star (Serbia) team supporter, Stefan Jovanovic, after he was attacked by mob and stabbed , in Skopje, FYR Macedonia, 2012. 

Skopje was a Serban medieval capital.

Meanwhile, in Metohija, In returnee village of Siga, near Pec, a house of Maksim Jasovic, was torched; meanwhile the family wasn’t inside.


Serbian home in flames: Living in Kosovo, turned into, de facto, another Albanian (qasi) state, is the worst horror for Serbs, whose basic human rights are not respected 

This is the second case of arson of Serbian homes in that Metohija village in the past month.
Only few weeks ago, the house of Ljuba Ivanovic was burned down.
It was located 50 meters from the house of Jasovic.
The perpetrators remain unknown.

Serb hunting season has started again. Similar to World War II, all the aggressors have strong foreign support for their crimes.

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