Albanian terror continues: Two Serbian Orthodox Churches and one outpatient clinic broken into, damaged

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An UNESCO applicant, neo Ottoman sqasi state of Kosovo, continues with de – Christianization of the Serbian province.

The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in the village Softović Urosevac municipality and the Church of St. Elijah in Kacanik, southeastern Kosovo-Metohija were burlgralized on Tuesday.

Softovic      Softovic interior

The Church in Softovic  – victim of Albanian islamofascism 

The exact time when the break-ins took place is unknown, officials say. So called Kosovo police was notified of the incidents by the Urosevac parish priest Zivojin Kojic.
Since both churches were completely empty before the attacks, theft could not have been a motive behind the attacks.          broken church doors
 Broken doors of Church of St. Elijah in Kacanik

Jevtic, who on Thursday visited the St. Elijah’s Church whose door was broken into, and the Temple of the Birth of the Most Holy Mother of God, where the door and windows were smashed, expressed concern over the fact that churches continue to be a target of Albanian attackers.

At the same time, in Serbian enclave of Suvi Do, Albanians have stoned clinic on Wendesday night.

During the night, stones were thrown at an outpatient clinic in the Serbian part of Suvi Do, says Director of the Health Center in Kosovska Mitrovica, Dr Milan Ivanovic.

The attackers broke windows and glass.