Bus Bringing Serb Pilgrims Attacked and Stoned in Pec by Albanians

Posted on October 25, 2015 by


Bus with a group of Orthodox Christian pilgrims from central Serbia,  was stoned during the visit to Metropolis in the center of Pec.
The bus was stoned at the moment believers came out of the church.

Bus x

One of the passengers Nenad Panic sent the photographs of the damaged bus to the press.

“In the presence of two patrols, that followed the bus, in front of the church of St. John in the center of Pec the bus windows were broken, and no one was injured,” Panić says.

This is the second Albanian attack in less than 24 hours.
Yesterday four Kosovo Serbian boys have been injured and beaten by a group of Albanians yesterday on their way from school near Kusce,  Novo Brdo,  One of the attackers has been arrested.

Attacked kid

After NATO supported Albanian jihad against Serbia 1999, remaining Orthodox Christian Serbs have often been subject to Albanian fanaticism, violence and extermination.