Erdogan Fulfilling His NeoOttoman Dream Through Bosnia

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ERDOGAN: Alija left Bosnia to me to take care of –


Bloody Empire’s back to the crime scene – Erdogan and Izetbegovic

Bosnia and Herzegovina today marks 12th anniversary of the death of former president Alija Izetbegovic, and on this occasion Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that he “… with great respect recalls the “first and great leader of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

– On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of his death, I remember with great respect and late first and great leader of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegovic – wrote Erdogan on his Fb profile as it was quoted in Bosnia i Hercegovina.

Erdogan, in his earlier statement, said that Izetbegovic “despite all pressures, evil, assimilation attempts, has never gone out of his way.”

– In spite of years of life spent in prison, Alija did not abandon the fight for their country and people. The ability and leadership that he has shown during the last war in Bosnia and Herzegovina is ranked as one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th century and history – said Edrogan and reminded that the author of Islamic declaration had left “a legacy to him – to take care of BiH”.

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Alija Izetbegovic was born on 8 August 1925 in Bosanski Samac. He was one of the founders of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) in 1990. That same year he was elected member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and later was president of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in its place was from 1992 until 1995. On 19 October 2003, the Muslim Fundamentalist (or Islamist) leader, Alija Izetbegovic, age 78, died of heart failure. During the Bosnian war of the 1990s, European and Muslim governments and the US referred to Izetbegovic as the president of the so-called Bosnian government. 

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After so many Bosnian Muslims continuosly support and join ISIS and other similar organizations, i.e. Muslim brotherhood, Jabhat al Nusra, many (mostly American and Western in general) nations seemed sursprised.

How, on Earth, one so great nation that has been supported, a new nation that enjoyed every possible aid from the West, turned to be so hateful towards those who were ready to kill Christians in the middle of Europe in order to support them?

Only those naive and  kept in dark by mainstream media could be surprised. Neither Bosnian muslims were the victims, nor Bosnian war was a fight for freedom nor against some Serbian aggression as it has been media – portrayed for decades.

President Alija Izetbegovic’s Islamic Declaration, first published in 1970 when it earned him a prison sentence, demanded a fully-fundamentalist Muslim state in Bosnia without scope for non-Muslim institutions or any division between religion, politics, and economics. The book was republished in 1990 in Sarajevo (by Mala Muslimanska Biblioteka). It scathingly attacks Attaturk’s reforms and holds up Pakistan as a model to be followed.

“… Do we want the Muslim nations to cease moving in circles, to stop being dependent, backward and poverty-stricken;
do we want them to once again with a sure step climb the road of dignity and enlightment and to become masters of their own fate;
do we want the springs of courage, genius and virtue to come forth strongly once again;
then we must show the way which leads to that objective:
The implementation of Islam in all fields of individuals’ personal lives, in family and in society, by renewal of the Islamic religious thought and creating a uniform Muslim community from Morocco to Indonesia. …“

… A nation, and an individual, who has accepted Islam is incapable of living and dying for another ideal after that fact. It is unthinkable for a Muslim to sacrifice himself for any tzar or ruler, no matter what his name may be, or for the glory of any nation, party or some such, because acting on the strongest Muslim instinct he recognizes in this a certain type of godlessness and idolatry. A Muslim can die only with the name of Allah on his lips and for the glory of Islam, or he may run away from the battlefield. …“             (page 17)

“… In perspective, there is but one way out in sight: creation and gathering of a new intelligence which thinks and feels along Islamic lines. This intelligence would then raise the flag of the Islamic order and together with the Muslim masses embark into action to implement this order. …” (18)

“… The shortest definition of the Islamic order defines it as a unity of faith and law, upbringing and force, ideals and interests, spiritual community and state, free will andforce. As a synthesis of these components, the Islamic order has two fundamental premises: an Islamic society and Islamic authority. The former is the essence, and the latter the form of an Islamic order. An Islamic society without Islamic power is incomplete and weak; Islamic power without an Islamic society is either a utopia or violence.
A Muslim generally does not exist as an individual. If he wishes to live and survive as a Muslim, he must create an environment, a community, an order. He must change the world or be changed himself. History knows of no true Islamic movement which was not at the same time a political movement as well. This is because Islam is a faith, but also a philosophy, a set of moral codes, an order of things, a style, an atmosphere – in a nutshell, an integral way of life. …”   page 18

Despite the hype in the Western media, Izetbegovic was not fighting to affirm (let alone reaffirm!) some supposed Bosnian nationhood. Rather, he called for:

“…the implementation of Islam in all aspects of individuals’ personal lives, in family and in society, by the renewal of Islamic religious thought, and by creating a uniform Muslim community from Morocco to Indonesia. …”[4]

In other words, the Islamist takeover of Bosnia was intended as a step towards the creation of a unified Muslim world-state.  Quite the opposite of preserving the nonexistent ‘Bosnian nation’! And yet the fiction of a Bosnian nation, threatened by supposed Serb secessionists (the Serbs were in fact the people who didn’t want to secede from Yugoslavia) was sold to ordinary people in the West.


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