Bosnia i Hercegovina, Ozren: Мass grave containing cropses of massacred Serbs discovered

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One smaller of 11 mass graves located on Ozren mountain area was exhumed,   it conatns 140 bodies of missing persons of Serbian nationality, reports SRNA.

Exhumation of Martyrs – Jihadists and Mujahedins have tortured captured Serbs in the most brutal ways

According to available information, it is assumed that the Ozren mass grave contains the remains of Serbian soldiers from the death camp Gostovic near Zavidovici.

Among  465 camps for Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina (for which the Committee for the truth has so far collected evidence) in the municipality of Zavidovici there were two camps belonging to the Mujahideen. They were located in the villages of Kamenica and Gostovici.


Prisoner and death camps for Serbs in Bosnia and Hercegovina, among them there were the ones ran by Islamists – Kamenica and Gostovici

And the general public knows about the participation of ‘Muslim volunteers”  and “Holly warriors” in the civil war in Bosnia and Hercegovina, as well as supporters and members of extremist Islamic terrorist organizations.
They  were very extremely bestial and cruel, often ritualy torturing captured Serbs before killing them by beheading.

After the Dayton Peace Accords even the US authorities have, on several occasions, requested that the official authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina relinquish their services and return them to their homes. However, a number of them still remained in Bosnia and Herzegovina as some married Bosnian Muslim women.

Sarajevo, 2011:

The Mujahedin units were located in the area of ​​Zavidovici. In one of the tent camps,  in Gostovici , in demolished and roofless house, Bosnian muslims and Mujahedins kept the captured members of the Army of Serbska, who were beaten day and night, subjected to electric shocks, threatened with death by slaughter, tied with chains and wire, and one of them was killed by cutting his head off by the sword;
Bosnian muslim army soldier forced other others to kiss the head, and  and then hung the head on the wall to “serve as an example.”

According to the testimonies, the mujahideen were Bosnian Muslims, Pakistanis, Turks, Arabs from Yemen, Saudis, Algerians, but also Arabs from Germany and England.
(In 2015. it sounds familiar?)

In the Ozren area in several locations (end of 1997.)  the remains of murdered Serbs soldiers were discovered. Their cropses were decapitated.


Supported by the World, Bosnian Mujahedins used to play football with Serbian heads .

At a place called “Stog” 17 bodies were extracted so far;  14 were decapitated, which together with the testimony suggests the modus operandi of the mujahedin during the Jihad in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is how the Jihad n Bosnia started: attack on Yugoslav Army convoy: 

The involvement of Islamic extremists,  “mujahideen” in the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and their bestial terror, killing, intimidation of  the Serbs, in every possible way denied the official portray of the Bosnian Muslim leadership as secular, democratic freedom fighters and victims. .

Those who are lucky enough to survive the horrors in these camps have testified  about what happened to the captured soldiers of the Army of the Republic of Serbska and civilians who were kept my Bosnian forces and Mujahedins.

Chairman of the Organization of Families of Captured, Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians Nedeljko Mitrovic says that it’s expected that the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Republic of Serbska obtaines first results of identification by DNA analysis of the remains of six Serbian fighters, who were first exhumed on Mount Ozren.

Mitrovc recalled that during the war the Al Qaeda mujahedins, who were regular troops of Bosnian muslim army, have captured more than 50 Serbian soldiers and civilians and kept them in the camp Gostovic near Zavidovici, where they were tortured, raped and murdered.
– In 2007 the remains of 12 Serbs were exhumed from another location on Mount Ozren, of which , so far, six have been  identified.

Meanwhile the Prosecution office  announced  that the localities of Stevanovic, Krcevina and Poljenik on Mount Ozren, municipality of Zavidovici, is under the supervision of the Prosecution for the remains of murdered Serbs are to be exhumed.

  1. Dragoljub Antonić, a driver from the village Povelić, Srbac, born 16.9.1958. in Srbac, father Milos and mother Zorka, nee Sam, as a member of the VRS 09/10/1995. year disappeared on Vozuća battlefield. His body was exchanged and 17.9.1996. was brought to Banja Luka. His head was missing . Dragoljub’s wife learned of his comrades from the battlefield to a unit of the Mujahedin captured a group of Serbian soldiers and that they were subsequently heard horrible screams and moans, They heard Serbian soldiers being tortured, cut off the head by the mujahideen (witness 274 / 97-65) .
  2. Momir Vukašinović, an auto mechanic from the village Povelic, Srbac, born 12.17.1952. in Povelic, Srbac, to father Vid and mother Radmila nee Kresojević, was captured 24.06.1995. as a member of the VRS by the Muslim army on Nikolina hill Vozuća. The next day, 06/25/1995. His body was exchanged and transported to Doboj without the head . He had a wound in the chest and around his knees, left knee (witness 274 / 97-61).
  3. Bogoljub Ilić, farmer from Nova Ves, Srbac, born 29.9.1949. in the village of Nova Ves, Srbac, father Boško and mother Darinka, nee Tatic, as a member of the VRS was on Vozuća battlefield and his family 13/09/1995. was informed that he was gone. His body was brought after the exchange in Banja Luka, 17.9.1996. year. The body was missing the head and parts of the legs (witness 274 / 97-64).
  4. Medaković Milan, a farmer from the village Kosijerevo, municipality of Laktaši, born 31.12.1965. in Banja Luka, to father Bogoljub and mother Smilja, née Šikanja, as a member of the VRS and his unit was on Vozuća 10/09/1995. year, when he disappeared. His body was identified 17.09.1996. in Banja Luka after the exchange. I missed the front of the head, part of the left leg and fingers (witness 274 / 97-66).
  5. Miladić Slavoljub, a farmer from the village Ilaćani, Srbac, born 19.5.1960. in Srbac, to father Gojko and mother Bosiljka, nee Vidović, disappeared in September 1995 in Vozuća battlefield as a member of the VRS. After an exchange of 17.9.1996. , his wife is in Banja Luka took the body to which was beheaded, the lower parts of arms and lower legs, which are the parts delivered with the hull (witness 274 / 97-59).
  6. Milašinović Marko, textile technician, from Inađola, Srbac, born 15.5.1962. in Srbac, to father Mitar and mother Koviljka, nee Kovačević, was captured as a member of the VRS 09/10/1995. on the hill Paljenik Vozuća on the battlefield. His body was passed to Banja Luka after the exchange.  missed the last part of the head and fingers (witness 274 / 97-62).
  7. Pasalic Koviljka born Ristic, from Vozuća, Municipality Zavidovići, was born in 1936 in Gostovici – Otežnja, father Peter and mother Milica, nee. Stojanović, wife of Nestor Pašalić, mother of two children, killed 28.05.1993. in his house on the outskirts of Gostovića by members of a sabotage Muslim group. She was killed by slaughter and removed her larynx . She was buried in the cemetery near the monastery “Holy Trinity” in Vozuća (witness 260 / 97-4).
  8. Suvajac Zoran, a farmer from the village of Seferovci, Srbac, born in 1972 in Kobas, father Rajko and mother Milena, nee Melešević, he was a member of the VRS captured by Muslim armies 09/10/1995. at the Vozuća battlefield. In September 1996, his body was exchanged and it was established that in him missing the head, parts of arms and legs (witness 274 / 97-58).
  9. Milovan Todorović, laborer from the village of Mali Sitneši, Srbac, born 30.9.1954. , father Ostoja and mother Ljubica, nee Golubovic, a former member of the Army of the Republic of Serbian was captured by members of the Muslim army 09/10/1995. at the Vozuća battlefield. After a year of 20.09.1996. the Muslims handed over his body without head and left leg . Milovan’s wife learned from his friends that after Milovan was captured heard his screams and he assumed that he then cut off his leg, and after the head (witness 274 / 97-55).
  10. Veselin Cerovac, a plumber, and Shelah Kukulje, Srbac, born 9.03.1965. in Srbac, to father Vid and mother Radojka, nee Janjić was at the end of June 1995 as a member of the VRS captured by Muslim armies on the battlefield Vozuća. Two days later, his body was handed over to Muslims and  brought to Doboj. His head was missing and had a multitude of stab wounds to the chest. He had cut off the middle finger on his left hand on which he wore a gold wedding ring (witness 274 / 97-60).
  11. Colic Stanko, a bricklayer from Srbac, Inadol bb, born 29.6.1953. in Kotor Varos, son of Simeon and mother Darinka, nee Smiljić, he was a member of the VRS 10/09/1995. was captured on the battlefield Vozuća. His body was in September 1995, was brought to Srbac. It was stated that the corpse of the missing hands on both hands and both feet, as well as the back of the head (witness 274 / 97-57).

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