Albanian terror continues: Attack on expelled Djakovica Serbs attending service at the Dormition of the Mother of God Orthodox Church

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The Djakovica Serbs who had been driven out of their homes in Djakovica and elsewhere in Metohija, today visited the town to celebrate the Orthodox Christian holiday of the Dormition of the Mother of God at the Serb Orthodox Church (SPC) monastery of Uspenje Presvete Bogorodice (Holy Mother Assumption).

The Albanians who gathered to protest threw firecrackers and red paint at the police, RTS is reporting.

While three buses carrying the Serbs were leaving the monastery’s yard, a sizable group of people gathered at the end of the former Srpska Street, shouting slogans against Serbs and throwing firecrackers. The slogans included “Serbia cannot pass here,” and, “No reconciliation without justice.”

Đakovica Crkva

  The ISIS Forerun: Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God ( 16-19 . Century) in Djakovica, set on fire with the old aand the new parish homes on March 17 , subsequently leveled with the ground .                                                                   – The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity ( two bell towers that were not destroyed during mining of the church in 1999, on March 17 had been leveled with the ground. Soon after that the Albanians systematically removed the remains of the church and built a park . UNMIK / KFOR Report – March 18 : Rioters remove debris of destroyed Orthodox church with trucks and tractors , around 5,000 Albanians participated) .

(Those who forcibly seized property of thousands of Cristian Serbs, call for justice?! That’s true mimicry)

The police used tear gas and prevented them from approaching the IDPs as they were leaving the monastery. One person was detained during the breaking through the police cordon.

After a short while, the Albanians dispersed while the IDPs left the town safely with strong police escort, and headed toward the monastery of Visoki Decani.

Beside the numerous Kosovo police members who secured the monastery in Djakovica today, Italian soldiers from KFOR had also been deployed. The entrance to the street was closed to traffic.

Djakovica Mayor Mimoza Kusari Lila spoke with the police before the buses arrived “to make sure everything is ready for the visit.”
And it was.
Rocks, crowd, and Albanian mob eager to lynch…

As always the Albanian occupiers defend their criminal misdeed always by the same excuse: The War! The Albanians suffered!
(Reminder: In 2014 in some of the surrounding villages a mass grave with murdered Serbs was investigated,  The human remains were discovered, and it was comfirmed that they belonged to victims of  the KLA  from the Albanian death camp for Serbs,  “Likovci”.

EULEX Prosecution has brought an order for exhumation, autopsy and identification of the discovered remains. Before the Albanian and NATO occupation, there were thousands of Serbs living in Djakovica and the surrounding area.


After 1999,  the only living Serbs in Djakovica –  six Serbian elderly women – found  shelter in the monastery. Before the war 12,500 Serbs lived in Djakovica and the area, 4000 in the centre of the city. During the joint NATO and Albanian terror they were expelled, murdered  and some are still on the List of the Missing. Over 10 000 Serbs have simply disappeared.).
Still, the Albanian ‘mayor’ shamelesly continues with propaganda:

“This municipality suffered a lot during the war and that must be respected – but we of course know that is according to the law, and we are ready for the believers to come in peace and we know they come because of religion, and not for other reasons. When we take into account there are many in our municipality still listed as missing and all the sufferings and the situation here, it is not easy,” said she.

One thing is true: No reconciliation without justice.
There Must be Justice.

source: Blic