Valjevo: 74th year of the first German reprisals in Serbia: Remembering murdered antifascists

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KOSJERIĆ – In the presence of relatives, representatives of local authorities and veterans’ organizations, at the memorial cemetery in Bukovi, along the main road Kosjerić – Valjevo,  memorial service for 81 Serbian patriot was served on Tuesday.
They were executed on 28 July 1941, after retaliation for a murdered German soldier.

German shooting

German soldier shooting those who remained alive after a massacre in Bukovi, near Valjevo,  occupied Serbia 1941. (NOV photo archive)

According to historical data, it was the first mass shooting of people in Serbia, conducted by the notorious orders of the Reich: for each German soldier 100 Serbs to be killed, and 50 Serbs for every wounded occupying soldier of Reich.

Memorial service was served by episcopal vicar of Montenegro with priests from Seče reke and Ražane as well as the nuns of  the Church of the Presentation of the Ovčar-Kablar gorge. It is interesting that the importance of the victims with religious ritual was never interrupted, even during communism.


Memorial service for resistance and reapers

He never discovered who was killed on beech German motorcyclist. It was suspected that this work Valjevo partisan or Paul Vujadinović from the village Rosic, who was later found hanged in front of his house.


On 28 July, during  the first year of the war, Germans rounded up the residents of a small town, laborers from surrounding villages and fields of Divčibare, and  brought 81 patriots before a firing squad.

Among the murdered were 15 and 16 years old boys.

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