Charlie Hebdo, mobile coffins and the Nigerians of Srebrenica

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Every July the World gets attacked by one anniversary.  After Charlie Hebdo, this is another gathering of the same people –  US, NATO establishment and their (military ) counterparts from Arab and Islamic world ( Jordan, Turkey and Gulf states ).

For over twenty years, despite rising controversy concerning responsibility, number and origin of those buried in Potocari, leading interventionist, colonial states, gather in Srebrenica to mourn over ,what they call, genocide. (Meanwhile what was done to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan where they have been directly targeting and continuously murdering hundreds of thousands civilians, including schoolchildren and wedding processions, has not even been considered a crime. They call it  the “blooming democracy”, I guess. If it haven’t been sad and horrible, it would certainly be worth laughing. Even the traditional hard line Islamic states, i.e. Iran last week, publishes article concerning falsehood of Srebrenica, accusing UN, NATO and USA for the Srebrenica massacre? Also be aware of the terminology: when speaking about Srebrenica, Iranians name it as the massacre. – not genocide.
Why those, infamous for murdering civilians all over the globe, why are they so eager in crying over Bosnian Muslims killed during the civil war, meanwhile they kill humdreds of thousands Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria…?
I came accross the article titled: Countering the lies about “Srebrenica” (“the greatest genocide in Europe since WW II” baloney) by Diana Johnstone, 2013: “Opposing genocide has become a sort of cottage industry in the United States. Everywhere, “genocide studies” are cropping up in universities. Five years ago, an unlikely “Genocide Prevention Task Force” was set up headed by former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former defense secretary William Cohen, both veterans of the Clinton administration”… GENOCIDE PREVENTION TASK FORCE – that’s it.
Same those international entities that accepted that there was genocide in Srebrenica (EU, US Congress), are now free to declare that  there is a need to prevent a genocide, and simply to attack in  order to ‘prevent’ it. The West and their allies are violating international Law, since even notorious Interantional Tribunal in Hague (infamous for arresting, sentencing (and murdernig) exclusively Serb political and military leaders, ruled that there was NO genocide in Bosnia.
         According to international law, one local episode of conflict cannot, per se, be declared as genocide, if the whole conflict haven’t been of genocidal nature. There’s no ‘”pocket size genocide”; Boko Haram (another NATO asset ) has done in Nigeria last spring would certainly be another genocide, though I won’t be surprised if the start to mark Charlie Hebdo attack as genocide. Genocide of journalist and cartoonists. (These two are connected, since they took place at about same time;
Global leaders rushed to Paris, posing with tears in their  mourning – like faces after twenty mockernig journalists. No one went to Nigeria to express ther sadness, rage and pain over the whole village massacred. After all, the lecture we got it is: “Genocide is everything that suits our interests; what doesn’t  – we simply overlook.”
Serbian mother whose whole family was massacred by Bosnian Muslim Naser Oric and his forces cries at graveyeard in Bratunac.
As for Srebrenica issue, Serbs and their over 3000 civilians victims have been pushed aside and overlooked, just like Nigerians.
This is the integral video from 1992. shows slaughtered Bratunac, Srebrenica Serbs:
On the other hand, Bosnian Muslims, who are USA and NATO ally in Balkans with significant population among the ISIS members in Syria and Iraq, have been brought to piedestal of ‘victims’, just like Charie Hebdo extreme liberal cartoonists.
According to Bosnian Muslim media, two days ago, on their way from VIsoko to Srebrenica, the column containing the remains of Srebrenica victims was attacked in Han Pijesak. The attack occured at 1:40pm (13 :40hrs).
The Bosnian Muslim media reports: “The column with 136 coffins started this morning from Visoko, and stop in Sarajevo in front of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, continued their  way to Srebrenica where the remains will be buried on Saturday.” (Srebrenica victims from Visoko? Why do the Srebrenica victims need to be transported to Srebrenica? If they’re Srebrenica victims, why aren’t they in Srebrenica?
The ‘attacker’ has soon been arrested, etc, but that’s irrelevat for the story. Srebrenica became a graveyard for all the Bosnian Muslims, despite their date, place and cause of death. As some says, if it continue this way, in ten more years there will be a million graves in Potocari. Probably enough to turn a geopolitically created myth into identity.
P.S. Did you know that in Zalazje, near Srebrenica, 1943, Bosnian Muslim Nazi forces have massacred 228 Serbs, and 80 Serbian children? You can read about it on Association of Descendants and Supporters of Victims of Complex of Death Camps NDH, Gospić-Jadovno-Pag 1941:
And they’re proud of their Nazi crimes:
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