UEFA – Union of European Fascists Associations?

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On XXXIX UEFA Congress held on Tuesday in Vienna, Croatian Football Federation president Davor Suker was elected for a seat on the Executive Committee.

Soft-pedaling his rigid Serb hatred, Suker, coming from the most ethnically clean state in Europe, sucesfully sells an image of a peaceful, tolerant and devoted sportsman. But this nice sportsman has another, not so bright side. Sympathy for fascism, nazism; he even admires  Ante Pavelic, infamous Croatian fuehrer, directly responsible for millions of dead.

Before every home game Croatia play, the same song is played. It has an anthemic, ABBA-esque melody, some hard rock riffs, a heavy bass. But…. It’s called “Lijepa Li Si” (You’re So Beautiful) and the man who plays is known as fascist rocker Marko Perkovic Thompson , the nick he took after a submachine gun while he fought in the Croatian secessionist War, which, as we know,  resulted in genocide and expulsion of hundreds of thousands Serbs, whose villages, homes and property was seized and looted.


‘A large majority of the crowd doing the Nazi Salute’ – http://snapperlee.com/croatian-football-fans/

Thompson sings and gloryfies Nazi Croatian past, death camps and mass murder of Serbs. Therefore the lyrics of the song consists of  a slogan used by Croatian fascist and there are recordings online where he sings songs about murdering Serbs in concentration camps.

The most devoted admirers of Thompson are the Croatian football fans. And one of the most infamous followers of Nazi and Fascist ideology is – the newly elected UEFA  Executive Committee member.
In 2010, Croatian internet portal Index.hr had published photographs of the UEFA Executive Committee member paying tribute to notorious Croatian Führer, Ustasha Ante Pavelic,  “war criminal and leader of Nazi puppet state Independent State of Croatia, who was directly responsible for the deaths of between 700 000 and million of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies.

Suker na grobu Ante Pavelica

–  In 2010. in an interview for Croatian T-portal, after being asked about visiting Pavelic grave, Davor Suker made it clear about ”what he stands for and stressed that he is not ashamed of it. ”

Suker gave a statement to the Croatian national team will play at the World Cup in honor of the neonazi player Josip Simunic, who was suspended after a play-off matches against Iceland in Zagreb, because he shouted Ustasha salute  ” Za dom spremni ” (Croatian version of Sieg heil) along with the fans.  You can see it here:

People from Organization of Refugees from Croatia remained shocked after FSS (Serbian Football society) supported and voted for Suker for the high UEFA possition.

– Suker is a man who believes that the Ustasha, led by Ante Pavelic were not criminals who, during the WW II Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia, committed genocide against Serbs, Roma and Jews, but liberators and fighters for the interests of the Croatian people.That’s why we remain shocked after representatives of Serbia supported his candidacy.

Also, in order to stress his fanatic pathological Serb hatred, Suker had stated, not so long ago, that Croatia should be the first team that will play a football game with ‘State of Kosovo’

Really, knowing all this, how, on Earth, could Serbia wote such a person when it’s the same as if Jews wote Hitler! Perhaps a part of the answer lies in the fact that Tony Blair is éminence grise in Serbia, and that repesentatives of Croatian interests occupy main possition in 21. century Serbia ( food, agriculture industry, and even War crime prosecutor is one of them.)
Serbia – land of absurd.

P.S. There’s one curious thing: how come that Nazi German Swastika flag has been banned and criminalized, meanwhile equaly bloody Nazi Croatian red white chess field like coat of arms isn’t?

Recruiting poster





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