TERRORISM: Bosnian Muslims of Gornja Maoca fly the black flag of ISIS again

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In the Wahhabi community of Gornja Maoca,  Srebrenik, Bosnia i Hercegovina, people are being greeted by the Islamic State emblem again as the flags of the terrorist organization fly above local homes, while police still searches for the banners and the persons who set  them at the beginning of last month.

The photography, published on social networks on Tuesday shows three flags of the Islamic state in the courtyard  of the Wahhabi preacher Edis Bosnic. It is the same house where the flags and symbols of the Islamic state  were exposed last month.

ISIS maoca

‘Welcome’: At the entrance to the village of Gornja Maoca, people are greeted by the Islamic State emblem Photo. Reuters

Last time when it was discovered that Gornja Maoca  was “decorated” with flags of the Islamic state, Bosnic announced that neither him nor other members of the Wahhabi community have anything to do with it, and that ‘the flags were set by two people unknown to them’.

– Two men came to the village and flied the flag over an abandoned house. Our community has nothing to do with it –  Bosnic explained last month.

The prosecution spokesman Boris Grubesic didn’t comment the re- feature of the flag of the notorious terrorist organization by Maoca Gornja inhabitants.

Gornja Maoca

Extremist following: New photographs show the distinctive ISIS flag adorning buildings and the symbol is painted on a sign in Gornja Maoca

The State Investigation and Protection together with the forces of the Federal Police and the Ministry of Interior of the Tuzla ‘. Canton and in coordination with the prosecution, reasearched the Maoca Gornja ‘but found nothing’.

It is significant that extremism has been widespread among Bosnian Muslims for decades, and only recently global media provided their audience with few weak reports concerning their Islamist extremism.  The video of Gornja Maoca Islamist (bellow ) was filmed five years ago and it shows Wahhabi mujahideen islamic terrorist training camp in Gornja Maoca.



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