Why does the USA deport Islamists, ISIS/ IDIL associates and – Serbs

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Last couple of weeks the US investigators have discovered several Bosnian Muslims tied to global Islamist terrorism. These are Nihad Rosic, 26 yrs, of Utica, New York  Ramiz Hodzic 40 yrs. ( who was, during the war in Bosnia, a member of the notorious El Mujahid Detachment, where he directly participated in ritual murder and butcher of at least three Serbs in Crni vrh, Teslic 1992.)  his wife Sedina Unkic Hodzic, 35, and Armin Harcevic, 37, all of St. Louis; Mediha Medy Salkicevic, 34, of Schiller Park, Illinois; and Jasminka Ramic, 42 of Rockford, Illinois.
During the war in Bosnia one of them even served as a death camp gaurd ( Almaz Nezirovic),  where he commited monstrous crimes against Serb civilians and POW.

Muja Army

All of them were quickly questioned and detained under allegations of providing logistic and financial support to ISIS/IDIL and even ploting and planin terrorist action on the American soil.

So after the trial, they are likely to be sent back to Bosnia.

On the other side US federal authorities started to knock the door of the American Serbs as soon as the two former US officials at ICTY Tribunal returned to the USA and got position in the Immigration Department of State Security

The key man in this raid was Richard Butler, official in charge of National security in the area, established after the controversial terrorist attacks on New York and Washington in 2001, Butler served six years in the tribunal, where – coincidence? – he was in charge of finding evidence for the crimes committed in Srebrenica  (which is, after more frequent testimonies from different sides very suspicious thing, staring with the number of victims and  subsequent adding of corpses;  according to numerous testimonies, the Srebrenica is probably the very first totally successful false flag operation after the Second World War).

Albright Clinton Izet

Great allies: Bill Cllinton, Madeleine Albright and late Bosnian Muslim war time president Izetbegovic

His service at the Tribunal Butler used to classify documents of thousands of Bosnian Serbs, previously held by NATO; he collected and transfered  loads of papers to the ICTY. During numerous hearings before the Tribunal, in several occasions Butler testified that the seized documents were scanned and stored with the documentation of the Tribunal.

Bosnian Serb’s lawyers  have so far been warning numerous times that their clients have been labeled as war criminals just because they wore a military uniform, or even just because their name was on the list of members of the local territorial defense, even when they actually did not not participated it war.

There’s a well known case of a Bosnian Serb who was on the list of members of the Territorial Defence of the Republic of Srpska who left Bosnia  together with his family before the war started. Yet  American investigators  immediately labelled him responsible and guilty.   It  took him several years during which time he appeared before various courts, he spent some time in prison, and after many years he proved his innocence. During that time, ireversible damage was caused to him and his family.  And nothing could ever change that.

Three years ago, the US lawyers in charge of  Bosnian Serbs defence have compared the whole case with the Vietnam war cases stressing that
” not all the persons who participated in the Vietnam war took part in My Lai massacre. ”

Despite all, some Serbs have been deported back to Bosnia because they avoid to conceal  his RS army service when applying for  papers. Such was the case of Veselin Vidacek,  accused of the same issue.  The applicants are asked whether they serve in some foreign army, and for Bosnian Serbs the Army of Republika Srpska is not a foregn one, thus their answer has been negative.

Several dozens of Serbs have been deported back to Bosnia for such reason. Due to the USA laws, not providing valid data when applying for a green card and/or immigrant visa is punishable by 30 years and deportation immediately once the sentence is served.

The lawyers who represented Serbs before the USA courts argued that their clients are victims of a great injustice because porodice who received immigrant status then were those who suffered the most in their homecountry. Most often some of them or their family members who failed in the arms of Bosnian Muslims and Mujahedins have been tortured and their families mutilated, slaughtered in the camps or were persecuted from one to the other side of the State.
It is intereting. Why is the USA sending back the people, who are of no danger for the State and who suffered from Muslims in Bosnia,  back, together with the same Bosnian Muslims linked to global Islamist terror,  who represent a danger for the state?

Maybe it’s an attempt to cover the failure in finding the suficient number of alleged victims (Bosnian muslims) by ‘producing’ more villains through accusations of almost every Serb who was once on the terotorial defense list?

The great lie concerning what really happened in Bosnia has to me kept alive at any cost,  so the same modus operandi could be applied elsewhere (as it has already happened).





Zasto Amerika deportuje Srbe,  Zorana Suvakovic,  Politika,   March 3.





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