“Those who have erected the monument to Clinton now flee from the valley of tears, through the land of the people they hunted and hated, burning their churches!”

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KOSOVO IS SERBIA – former slogan that has been so thunderously shouted within  pre-election debates, and that was the last glimmer of declarative patriotism, dear both to politicians and football fans, by the development of the situation  these days gets quite a different meaning.

Kosovo is Serbia sometimes means that the Serbs, if not otherwise, at least in their souls will not give up the holy Serbian land.

However, it might sound completely different today.  Columns of Albanians from Kosovo carrying everything they own, leave Kosovo, pushing to catch last buses for a better life, moving towards Subotica, in order to try to reach some of the EU states. Many of them were caught illegally crossing the border  and therefore returned, but many were able to get somewhere, beyond the Balkan  Valley of tears. Official data show that Kosovo in the last few months left about one hundred thousand people, and off the record the figure is twice as much.

Klinton spomenik

Pristina – Monument to Bill Clinton

“The young Kosovar democracy”  has created a good life for powerful criminals, meanwhile ordinary people were left without anything. Sounds familiar? No job, no future, no social support, nothing except brutality of the new transitional master criminal patriarchy and opacity, non traspareny of crucial decisions, and the propaganda of hatred towards Serbia and Serbs cannot feed the hungry.  When a state in unable to secure any future for ordinary people,  at the end  she can just wave to those who are leaving.

Seven years after the declaration of independence, and after the unconditional support primarily the United States, Kosovo is facing the voluntary exodus of thousands of its citizens who have erected a monument to Bill Clinton on the main square in Pristina, and who, in return,  got a state together with American companies as major shareholders in profitable enterprises engaged in telecommunications, coal or counseling in state institutions that are paid from the budget.

Those who were “defending” Kosovo 1999. by bombing Serbia ( Albright, Clinton, Wesley Clark with their businesses) have returned to Kosovo to make fortune as they deserved,  which has been described by “The New York Times” few years ago.


“There’s no such a runaway from a prosperous, functional, legaly regulated country, no one leaves a good land, thus you can not the mere fact that it’s not somebody’s  recognitions that ipso iure makes a state.  No state could never be established that way.

One entity becomes a state when it’s based on historical heritage, developed economy,  the rule of law, and ability to provide social and political consensus in the area considered their own state, ” –  says Serbian Minister of Labour, Veteran and Social Affairs, Aleksandar Vulin.

While these unfortunate buses run through Serbia Kosovo Albanians could  glimpse some similarities between the country  they flee and the country they hated, believing that they would do everything better .

They can see the blurry Ibar, which sails  to the north tons of garbage, and people hunched with hands in pockets, staring into the mud, they can see the consequences of neglect, poverty, floods, they can see the ruined bridges, plastered houses, bolted factories and even entire cities killed; former economic giants in the silent dying, closed craft shops and boutiques and the nub. They can see billboards with political slogans and advertisements of mainstream world brands; they can see traces of the bombing, desperate peasants and empty villages, they can see young people who have nothing to do, they can see the poor at every step, and beggars, they can see the trash containers and dumps as the only suppy not only for the homeless anymore, deserted cultural centers, posters, folk singers, they can see abandoned orchards,  –  there are strife and anger and misery, on whichever side of the bus they look at.  They can see the billboards that say  “Celebrating Belgrade”, but also the strikes of teachers, students, but they can also see furious and fancy cars, huge agricultural land owned by the transitional winners and Bank in front which people change their last Euro to pay for electricity or gas; they can see the same kind of Serbia as presented on social networks – neither more nor less than that. 

Land of bitterness, resentment and loss of hope, a state of confusion and impatience, with her eyes direced to distant destinations in hope for investment, or to the West who provided only with praise that the state  is ‘moving in the right direction.’

These buses are real but they are also a metaphor –  a metaphor of the Balkans where a better life is always something  what is ‘yet to happen’ , something probably best described  by mantra from famous TV serial about Djekna,  …” who, so far, hasn’t died, and we don’t know when she will.”

Mirjana_Bobic_Mojsilovic_2-7968dba8     Author: Mirjana Bobic Mojsilovic, Vecernje Novosti

translated by TMBJ

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