Wounded Jihadists Medically Treated In FBiH

Posted on February 28, 2015 by


February 28 /SRNA/ – In 2014, eight jihadists were medically treated at the Sarajevo University Clinical Centre, and 11 wounded Islamist fighters, returnees from Syria, were treated at the hospitals in Zenica and Travnik,


An unnamed source from the security circles said that these individuals were exclusively members of al-Nusra movement, which operates within Al-Qaeda and fights in Syria as a part of the unit headed by Wahhabi leader from BiH Nusret Imamovic.

“The wounded jihadists were admitted for regular treatment upon their return from Syria, and the security institutions are aware of this. However, none of these cases was reported to the police, even though the health institutions have a legal obligation to submit reports on persons who ask for help over injuries sustained in an armed conflict,” said the source.

The Sarajevo University Clinical Centre say they do not have records on returnees from Syrian conflict who had been treated at the institution.

The unnamed source said that about 20 citizens of BiH wounded in Syrian war have been treated at the hospitals in Split and Rijeka, which is why Croatian Police asked these institutions to submit the documentation on all foreign citizens whom they provided with care.

“Split and Rijeka are one of the routes between BiH and Syrian battlefield, passing through Italian Ancona, where members of al-Nusra movement have also been treated,” said the source.

Manager of the Clinical Hospital Centre in Split, Kolja Poljak, confirmed that the Centre had received a request from the Police Administration to submit a list of treated foreign citizens whose injuries might have been the consequence of the conflict in the Middle East.