Neonazi Ustashi to line up in Zagreb with the blessing of the State – NAZISM in Croatia never dies

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Lining -up of  ‘Indigenous Croatian Party of Rights’ armed units,  titled ‘Croatian patriotic forces’ to take place on  Ban Jelacic Square on Saturday, February 28. 


What kind of representation of troops will take place, will they be armed or without arms –  was not possible to aknowledge, since the  HSP leader Drazen Keleminca  has been unavailable for any comment.

– The HSP youth will participate in the establishment, lining up and taking  oath of the units called “Croatian patriotic forces” on 28 February,  at the 119th anniversary of the death of dr. Ante Starcevic (ideologist and inspirer of Croatian chauvinism and nazism) – is all that has been announced on the occasion of the election of  new leadership of the party which is best known for sympathy for the Independent State of Croatia and her heritage:  holocaust and genocide of Orthodox Serbs, Roma, Jews and chauvinism against Serbs in general. 

Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic has confirmed that HSP got a permit for Saturday’s preformance, but also announced that the police shall maintain public order and, if necessary, intervene.

Political Parties Act doesn’t regulate establishment of  political parties armies, but such a thing is not explicitly forbidden.

As for the lining up of the neonazi army recently spoke Drazen Keleminec, HSP leader, in the scandalous speech to the Misdemeanor Court in Koprivnica, where he sang the Ustasha butchers song “Here comes the dawn, here is the day”.

Lawyer Vladimir Carina, experience in representing political parties before court, commenting on the announcement of the lining army as an issue that  needs to be submitted to the Ministry of Administration and the Interior Ministry.


Croatian youth wearing  Nazi Croatian uniform, saluting ‘Za Dom Spremni’ (which is Croatian version of Sieg Heil)

– If the HSP  party’s statute provides for the establishment of an army,  the question is how such a statute could be approved by the Ministry of Public Administration. If there is none of it in the HSP statute, then the Ministry of Interior must act according to the law and prohibit lineup of the militia –

Nazi Croatian party claims that they’re not a single case, since the Hungarian far-right Jobbik party founded their own  guards, whose duty is  to ‘ensure the party rallies and traditional rites.’