Croatian President Josipovic awarded Ejup Ganic, involved in War crimes in Dobrovoljacka street 1992.

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ZAGREB –  The outgoing Croatian President Ivo Josipovic has awarded member of the wartime Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ejup Ganic, person directly responssible for death of 42 members of the Yugoslav National army (JNA ) and civilians who were massacred that day,  (including five Yugoslav army officers), while 73 people were injured, and 215 taken as prisoners to Muslim held concentration camps in Sarajevo.

“I am pleased since the last  order I bestow goes to You, for You deserve it.” says Josipovic.

Ganic used the ceremony to accuse Serbia that “the destroyer of Yugoslavia” (meanwhile he was the one who killed YUgoslav army soldiers in Dobrovoljacka street massacre! Top travesty!) and “occupier of BiH”, adding that he doesn’t feel safe to travel to Serbia (perhaps it’s  something called conscious? ),   He believes that Serbia remains “the main problem of the Balkans” and added that he “supports Croatia to put more obstacles and conditions for Serbia’s entry into the EU.”

“This medal means a lot to me. I supported the development of Croatia, its legitimate defense, when the guns from one ship of the former Yugoslav army targeted systematically hotels in Dubrovnik. Then I was on CNN, I openly said that if the international community does not respond now, it will not be good. Our border is thousands of miles long, our ties are strong, the Bosniak community is strong and it is now clear that justice is coming into its own. No more turbulence among us. We follow Croatia, an EU member! ” Granic pointed!

There’s no surprise since Croatia is the very first ressurected neonazi state in the world, immediately recognized by Germany and Vatican. Unfortunately nazism is deeply incorporated into Croatian nationals and even youth, what can  be seen on national superstar Thompson’s  concert.  ,,Za dom spremni!” is Croatian version of Sieg heil!

Tens of thousands shouting the fascist salute “Za dom spremni” (For homeland ready) at the concert in Čavoglave on 5 August 2012, the Croatian national holiday. World’s Greatest Promoters of Fascism are coming to Europe. 

Who is Ganic, and what were his merits to Croatian society and Croatia as state?  Let’s take a look what gen. Louis McMenzie  writes in his  book “Peacekeeper: The road to Sarajevo“ :

“I could see the ‘Territorial Defense soldiers’ (Alija Izetbegović jihadists)  push the rifles through the windows of civilians cars, which were part of the convoy, and shoot (…) I saw blood flow down the windshields. It was definitely the worst day of my life.” (quote)

Nobody has been brought to justice for this crime. In January 2012, the Bosnia-Herzegovina Prosecution halted an investigation against 14 suspects, including Jovan Divjak and Ejup Ganić, stating that their actions “bore no hallmarks of a crime.”

The prosecution also said that the investigation would continue “until the perpetrators have been found for the killing of seven and wounding of 14 persons.”

But the RS police records show that 42 members of the JNA and civilians were killed on the day, five officers among them, while 73 people were injured, and 215 taken as prisoners into Muslim held concentration camps in Sarajevo.

Former Minister of Interior of Bosnia, Alija Delimustafic, told before the court  that Ejup Ganic commanded over Bosnian Muslim units that blocked the withdrawal of Serbian (Yugoslav army) soldiers who were slaughtered on the streets of Sarajevo.

The slaughter is remembered as the Dobrovoljacka Street Massacre and it happened on May 3, 1992.

“Ganic was in the role of the supreme commander of the [Bosnian Muslim] army,” said Delimustafic and named others who were in Ganic’s cabinet.

So how did the massacre occur?

Former Yugoslav (YU) Army captured Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic and used him to cut a deal with his armed thugs to withdraw from the city and leave Sarajevo under Islamic control.

A deal between the YU army, UN and Ganic (Muslims) was brokered whereby YU army would pull out along with Izetbegovic and once they get through,  the YU army would let Izetbegovic go.

Izetbegovic was at the head of the withdrawing convoy.

Ejup Ganic then ordered his commander Hasan Efendic to cut off the convoy once Izetbegovic is through and kill the YU soldiers.

Delimustafic says that during that decision, Ganic was in company of Izetbegovic’s son Bakir, who is still free in Bosnia and leads a political party.

Izetbegovic and Ganic were in communications via walkie-talkies so the YU officers were aware of what was said between them and heard commands Ganic issued.

Former General Dusan Kovacevic, citing the walkie-talkie conversations, says that Ganic explicitly ordered for the convoy to be slaughtered.

“Him [Ganic] ordered his serviles to block off Dobrovoljacka and to kill all of them. Ganic said then – ‘Burn and kill, no one is to pass before the arrival of UN,” says Kovacevic.

In Dobrovoljacka, Bosnian Muslim slaughtered 42 withdrawing soldiers, wounded 72 and captured 215 which were later beaten and molested by Bosnian Muslims.

Ganic’s decision to break a deal that has already been agreed is, of course, legal in Islam. (al Taqqiah

Therefore, writing for the Associated Press, certain Aida Cerkez-Robinson writes: “But as the convoy was passing through a narrow downtown street, Bosnian forces launched an attack, trying to free Izetbegovic.”

… but a deal to free him was brokered by the UN?

In Operation Deliberate Force Pb, author Tom Ripley on page 33 says that “Bosnian leaders, including Deputy President Ejup Ganic, tell the BBC that their war strategy is to use anti-Serb propaganda in the mass media to force a massive military intervention.”

Aida Cerkez was in good company then.

Elite trupe

Bosnian Muslims and Croats were alied during World War two, both in  Nazi SS Handzar, and caused most monstrous crimes against Serbs, Gypsies and Jews througout Croatia, Herzegovina, Bosnia and Damatia:


Croatian Ustashi shooting Serb civilians above the pit – documentary material WW II 



hrvatska i zločini nad jevrejima

Croatian promo poster from May 1942: Develpoment of Judaism in Croatia and Jewish work on destruction of Croatia before 10. April 1941. (Independent State of Croatia, Hitler’s puppet state) 

Therefore, what was exactly the order Ganic received in Zagreb?

The medal  member of the War Presidency of BiH Ejup Ganic had received from the outgoing Croatian President Ivo Josipovic is a provocation for Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, as well as the act of proving that the goal is still, 20 years after the war, demonization of Serbian people, said Nedeljko Mitrovic, chairman of the Organization of families of killed and captured soldiers and missing civilians.

It was the scariest thing one would expect from Josipovic, who used to represent himself as a democrat and fair man. Such an act is unacceptable, and should alert the international community, as well as intensify in every way the processing of all potential war criminals.

Republic of Srpska War Veterans chairman Milomir Savčić believes that the medal Ganic got from Josipovic’s obviously clearly shows that Croats and Bosniaks have always been allies in fight against  Serbs.

“And now, at the end of his term, Croatian president has confirmed what we knew all the time. It is a contribution to their alliance and recognition of the fight against the Serbian people,” he stressed Savčić.

Josipovic in Zagreb yesterday awarded the medal of war BiH presidency member Ejup Ganic to contribute to the establishment of Croatian independence and its development.


 Bosnian Muslim Abdulah Muhasilovic,  1943. Bosnia