Catholics in Serbia under jurisdiction of Croatian bishops, serve mass for Stepinac who was involved in Holocaust!

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Imagine a service and  mass for ‘saint Hitler’ in Israel!  There’s no such a thing as Saint Hitler’s associate!  Croatia, Vatican and clergy to stop glorification of a mass murderer, Stepinac!

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The schedule of servises in Roman Catholic church: A mass for HOLY Aloisuis Stepinac is to be served on February 10, 2005, at 18 00hrs (6pm) 

Roman Catholic Church in Serbia is headed by Croatian  clergy.  Since Serbia is occupied and it’s Western ambassadors who rule, together with (and in behalf of) their subservient states (usually former Nazi allies – Albanians, Croats, Bosnian Muslims meanwhile in the rest of the Europe it’s Lithuanias, Estonians, Ukrainians – notice something: all these nations are non Orthodox, but Catholic and sunni Muslim) there can hardly be surprise this ‘new’ catholic saint got his first honorable service in Serbia, whose about one million nationals  died in some of the most monstrous way in Croatian death camps, such as Jasenovac, Jadovno, Pag, Stara Gradiska.  One more humiliation. Honoring criminals is to murder his victims for the second time.

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Croatian Archibishop Stepinac (first on right)  was using Nazi Germans to achieve an ethnically clean (without Serbs, Gypsies and Jews) Croatia 

– Stepinac was the supreme military vicar in the Independent State of Croatia ( NDH )  army, and therefore responsible for the genocide; he is to blame for the monstrous crimes of Roman Catholic priests,  members of Ustasha and Domobran units . He was one of the initiators of the forcible convertion of the  Orthodox Serbs .  According to  his letter to Pope Pius XII , till middle of the 1943.  there were about 244,000 Serbs forcibly converted –  and these are some of his ” merits “, explains  Dr. Veljko Djuric Mišina , historian and director of the Museum of Genocide Victims in Belgrade.

Misina adds that there is no a single trace that Stepinac had ever protested because of the crimes commited neither against Serbian Orthodox Church ( SPC ) nor against  Serbian and Jewish people.
Even though the bloody bishop knew what was going on in  concentration camps throughout Croatia and Herzegovina, as well as for hundreds of thousands of murdered Serbs, Jews and Gypsies.


FORCED CONVERSION. The Ustashe promised Serbs that they would be spared death if they converted from
Eastern Orthodoxy to Roman Catholicism. Thousands converted, only to be killed anyway. 

After World War II, Tito (Croat) and Bakaric (another Croat) made a backstair deal, so the monstrous Bishop was not tried for crimes against Serbs , Jews and Roma, but for  ” pronounced anti-communism , hiding treasures and archives of the Ustasha regime and for aiding terrorist groups infiltrated in Yugoslavia . ”- Certain claims (from Croatian and German side mostly) that Stepinac protested and intervened against NAZI Croatia crimes are myth, because not a single of the similar facts have ever been  discovered neither in his documents, nor  his diary.


The Jasenovac camp complex was situated along the Sava River. Thousands of victims were thrown into the Sava, some floating all the way to Belgrade.

Historian Predrag Markovic stressed the danger of perceiving Stepinac  a victim of the communist regime,  an ordinary  priest of the Roman Catholic Church who followed  the policy of Pope Pius XII, and didn’t speak  out against  Holocaust

– We have similar cases in Estonia and Hungary , where under the cloak of rehabilitation of victims of communism , in fact , they  rehabilitate Nazi criminals.

Recruiting poster

Recruitment Poster for Croats SS Divisions – In February 1943, SS leader Heinrich Himmler established two Croatian-Bosnian Muslim SS divisions: the 13th “Handschar” and the 23rd “Kama” Waffen SS divisions. Unsuccessful in their main task – to defeat Tito’s Partisans – “it confined itself chiefly to massacring and pillaging the defenseless [Serb] Christians.” – from John Keegan’s Waffen SS – The Asphalt Soldiers, 1970.
The recruitment poster above reads: Croatians of Herzeg-Bosnia! Your Great Leaders Adolf Hitler and the Fuhrer Dr. Ante Pavelic CALL UPON YOU TO DEFEND YOUR HOMES ENLIST IN THE VOLUNTEER CROATIAN SS DIVISIONS. 

So this is the latest Catholic saint who will be celebrated by millions of people.  February 10th is the big day for Catholic Croats in Balkans, because that’s the day their “saint” Aloysius Stepinac will be celebrated and honoures. This man, on the other hand, was the torturer and collaborator in genocide against Orthodox Christians. In the era of heresy of ecumenism (false, dishonest, by Vatican and NWO promoted unity)  it’s probably not a big deal to explain to humiliated, liveless masses of people that the torturer Aloysius and his victim martyr saint Vukasin Klepacki got the same rank (Stepinac in Catholic Croatian, and Vukasin in Serbian Orthodox church) and that both should be celebrated together?!

Last summer Alen Budaj, an associate of the Jerusalem-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, has said that the coutries that are legal successors to the former Yugoslavia, Serbia in particular, must send a strong diplomatic protest to the Vatican over its intention declare Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac a saint.

– I don’t want to hear about his efforts to save certain Serbs, because he was on the Committee of Three in charge of conversions to Catholicism and I do not want to hear about his being a martyr and saint because he left his own Catholic priests to be tortured by the Ustasha in Jasenovac (Ustasha concentration camp) just because they were under suspicion of being opponents of the regime,” Budaj said.

He pointed out that Stepinac never regretted over violent conversion of Serbs into Catholicism or over Jews being forcibly taken to be baptized, even though he knew it would not save them from being taken to the camp.

“He never repented his Catholic ‘baptized souls’ burning Jewish  and Serbian churches, plundering around as wild hordes, raping and killing as crusader armies once did across the Holy Land,” Budaj said in an interview for SRNA news agency that was published in Banja Luka-based Nezavisne Novine.

He added that Stepinac knew about it all, but nevertheless bestowed blessings on the NDH and served it, even after its collapse, hiding Ustasha criminals, stolen Jewish gold and Ustasha state archive in the Zagreb Kaptol.

“To me, as a free man, Stepinac will never be a saint, as I am not bound by decisions of the Pope, nor have I lost my mind to believe in that fraudulent alchemy of miraculous transformation of a criminal into a saint. ”



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