Bosnian ‘justice’: Two Years Prison For Torturing, Raping and Murdering Serbs

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The Municipal Court of Brcko District today has sentenced to prison two Bosnian Muslims, Asmir Tatarevic a period of two and Armin Omazic year and a half,  for war crimes against civilians and prisoners of war. Tatarevic and Omazic were members of Croatian forces, HVO. 

The evidence presented to the Court have proven that Tatarevic, as a companion of HVO commander of the 108th Brigade of the so-called Army of BiH,  and Omazic as a military police officer of the same unit, have physically abused captured Serbs during 1992. in several camps in the Brcko area, such as Rahic, Ulice, Zovik, Maoca and Boce.

During 1992 and 1993 in the Municipality of Brcko area more concentration camps have been prepared for
Serbian nationals . 1. Rahic – In the camp in the village of Rahic large number of Serbs has been imprisoned. The life conditions in these camps were described by numerous witnesses and former inmates who were lucky to come out alive although many of them with severe physical and psychological traumas . The credibility of the testimony of many witnesses is supported by material evidence . Witnesses confirmed that in Rahic camp, besides Tatarevic and Omazic and other persons committed crimes and tortured Serbs, such as:
IBRAHIMOVIC NUIK(evidence: 617/95-2);
LISIC SAMIR (evidence: 617/95-2);
MEHMEDBASIC MIRSAD (evidence: 679/95-18);
PELjTO MENSUR (evidence: 617/95-2, 679/95-18; 617/95-18; 579/95-17);
JURKOVIC ANDJELKO ,”Gaga”(dokaz: 634/95-9);
“CAR MAKLjA” (evidence: 617/95-2);
HADzIC GALIB (evidence: 617/95-7, 13, 14, 36, 679/95-17, 18, 33, 638/95-8, 9, 11,
12 i 640/95);
CAUSEVIC OMER (evidence: 617/95-20, 634/95-2 i 9, 6638/95-10, 679/95-18);
KELAVA ILIJA (evidence: 617/95-17);
BILjIC RASID (evidence: 679/95-18);
VESNA, from Gunja (evidence: 679/95-17, 679/95-18),
LISIC MIRSAD (evidence: 679/95-17);
SULjIC DAMIR, “Makija”(evidence: 679/95-17, 634/95-8);
OSMANOVIC OSMAH ,”Osmo”(evidence: 679/95-17);
BILIC VINKO, “Bili”(evidence: 679/95-17);
TATAREVIC ASMIR (evidence: 679/95-17 i 679/95-18; 617/95-18);
MAJKIC IVICA (evidence: 679/95-19);
KOMBIC MEHMED (evidence: 638/95-2);
TATAREVIC ARMIN (evidence: 638/95-2);
KALIC NIJAZ, zv. “Bego”(evidence: 638/95-9, 10 i 12);
HADzIC NIJAZ (evidence: 679/95-18);
IMAMOVIC OSMAN (evidence: 679/95-18);
FAZLOVIC NOVALIJA (dokaz: 679/95-18);
LISIC SENAD (evidence: 617/95-17);
FAZLOVIC FERID (evidence: 617/95-18, 638/95-9).

At this point it should be stressed that the inmates were not tortured only in the Rahic camp , but also Maoca , Ulice and Tuzla . The same persons appeared as the perpetrators of crimes  in several camps in the area of ​​ Brcko.


Asmir Tatarevic  Asmir Tatarević , charged with war crimes against Serbs, in 2012. elected president of the local organization of Social Democrat party  in Meraje municipality; Tatarevic was also the head of the government team for mine clearance (demining)

Although the reasoning of the judgment has been detaily explained by the Presiding Judge of the tripartite Council of the Municipal Court,  Sanja Ević,  together with evidences of torture, humiliation and mistreatment of Serbian civilians and prisoners of war, the Council imposed minimal sentence – Asmir Tatarević was sentences on two and Armin Omazić one year and six months in prison. (!?)

This decision has provoked outrage, particularly among the injured whose testimony was evidence of the crimes described in the judgment.

“I am sad. This  sentence means nothing, it’s rather humiliating for the victims and reward to men who were in charge of torturing civilians and prisoners, especially me and late Aleksandar Pavlovic, who has died after several days of torture and beatings. There were more death  from what Asmir Tatarevic has been doing to the captured Serbs “ said Vasiljko Todic who, as written in the  sentence, among beatings and torture, was subject to unimaginable bestiality.  (quote):

“Asmir Tatarević was abusing me, stabbed me with a prod to the feet and between my toes with a knife. He stabbed my houlder . He cut a piece of flesh from my thigh and shoved him to eat it. I womit the piece of my flesh but he again forced me to take it in my mouth and eat my own flesh- testifies Vasiljko Todić from Potocari near Brcko , showing the body part from where Tatarević cut the flesh off.”

One of the victims of Maoca camp described what happened one day when Muslims have captured five Serbs from Bijeljina:
” Two of them had the same last name – Subaric. One was killed in the presence of all detainees by woman Vesna (from Gunja) who wore “Green Berets ” uniform (Bosnian Islamist army); she cut his troath by knife.
That man was wounded and Vesna slit his throat in the presence of all. They left his dead body at the entrance of the room…. He was approximately 35-38 years old. “

SFRY Criminal Code is in force in Brcko, and, according to all the facts and presented evidence, for such cases the Law prescribes 5- 10 years in prison.   At the beginning if the trial, the Court of Brcko  misteriously qualifies war crimes committed against the Serbian civilian population as ordinary criminal,  thus the penalties are, for example in the case of rape , far less than when these crimes are qualified as a war crime.


Concentration and detention  camps for Serbs, Bosnia i Hezegovina (total: 536)  Croatia (221) Slovenia (21) 

Seems like that was not enough, and, as  the Judge Ević stresses:  “the Council in determining the minimum possible sentence took into account mitigating circumstances ” that the accused were married and have children and that the crime was committed more than 20 years ago “(?!) , which is particularly disappointing and offensive for victims and survivors.  (!?) 

“I simply cannot believe that there are people who are able to commit such crimes as described in the verdict. As for the sentence imposed – this is just another disgrace of Brcko Basic Court in which I no one could trust anymore.  I wonder how can they live with  no shame;  for such filthy and dishonest deeds to receive high salaries payed by us, the victims, citizens of Brcko district. ” ,  President says the chairman of the Association of families of the victims, Jovan Pudić. 

How will such crimes be qualified in the future processes ? How will they be qualified, since Public Prosecutor of Brcko District Zekerija Mujkanovic and other former members of the Bosnian Muslim armed forces have become prosecutors and judges now ? Is it possible to have confidence in their work after the opinion of legal experts, that we withecc ” rewarding ” of criminals who were torturing and murdering Serbs in Boce village during 1992 ?

Will their behavior and failure to satisfy justice contribute to reconciliation or deepen the hostility?