Turkey: “Training Support For Allied And Brother Countries “

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The latest news say that Turkey trains over 800 policemen from 15 countries, that’s good, to have police cooperation in Balkans. I already feel somehow relaxed, until “… The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency said the program includes officers from Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbejan and Palestine.”

That’s alarming. Afghanistan, Bosnia, Albania… if we take the statistc data, majority of the Jihadists of ISIS came from the above mentioned states!  At the same time, these territories were occupied by Ottoman empire for centuries.  Turkey activelly participated in Bosnian War (aiding, by all means, Muslims) against the Orthodox,  as well as in Kosovo, where that state, again,  supported Albanian terrorists, their ‘Sunni brothers’.
Balkan Jihadists

According to estimations, there have been several thousand Balkan (Albanian, Bosnian Muslims)  recruits fighting on the rebel side in Syria. ( photo)

Turkey was safe haven for Jabhat al Nusra, later ISIS.
Turkish citizens have been involved in organ harvesting in Kosovo.
There’s a constant in Turkey acting in international affairs –  involvment in destabilization and turmoil in a multiconfessional state,  and then providing support to either Muslims in general or Sunni –   in the territories former Ottoman empire occupied before 1914!

One only need to take a look at a map.

But… there’s one Muslim nation Turkey treats with unimaginable level of  cruelty – Kurds.  And we saw what happens with Kobani and other Kurdish teritorries. (Besides that, Kurds have accused Turkey for assisting ISIS in attacking. )(http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/isis-terror/isis-launches-attack-kobani-turkey-kurds-say-n258186 )

In 2012, the same ‘event’  was organized by Ankara, and it was officially named  Training Suport For Allied And Brother Countries.  ( http://www.tika.gov.tr/en/news/training_suport_for_allied_and_brother_countries-8931)

( Even Crimea?  Check the Ottoman empire map again! )

After Taksim sqare protest, we’ve learned that the Turkish police is brutal. We saw them hiting the protestants , regardless their age, condition, sex. We saw their disrespect of basic human rights of even women and children.


The question is what such brutal police could teach the police of Bosnia , Albania, Afghanistan, Azerbejan and Palestine?

Bosnian Muslim, Albanian Muslim police trains in Turkey, Suleiman would be proud.  And the bureau chief of the Turkish Anadolu news agency’s Sarajevo office, Amir Zukic said,  “Turkish leaders are working at a new Ottoman empire, a gentle one. Turkey, a former regional power, is trying to come back in a big way.”  ( www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/in-bosnia-turkey-brings-back-a-gentle-version-of-the-empire/2013/03/24/23cf05f8-84e2-11e2-98a3-b3db6b9ac586_story.html)

Why Turkey didn’t invite policemen from some neighboring Orthodox Christian states, Greece or Serbia, or Republica Srpska, for ex?

Since last October, Turkey has agreed to allow Syrian rebels to be trained on its soil, ..  ” in its bid to combat Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.” (quote)  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-29591916

and ” US National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who announced the development, said she welcomed the new agreement.”

Since Turkey is skilled in training UCK, Mujahedins, Jabhat al Nusra, ISIS, form Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Afghanistan, all we can do is hope that this ‘Police’ training is not of the kind.  



 by Grey Carter






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