Bid to Condemn ‘Annexation of East Germany’ in Russian Parliament

Posted on January 29, 2015 by


The speaker of the Russian Parliament, today announced that if Russia ‘annexed’ Crimea, then the West annexed eastern Germany in 1989. Sergey Naryshkin put forward a motion in front of the parliamentary committee for international affairs which would condemn the German reunification as an annexation.

 The proposal originally came from Russian MP Nikolay Ivanov who had taken great offence to comments made by Anne Brasseur, the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, when she referred to Crimea’s controversial decision to join Russia as an annexation, earlier this week.
germany east west

“I suggest the following step – we prepare a statement condemning the annexation of the German Democratic Republic by the German Federation in 1989,” Ivanov told Narishkin and other parliamentary colleagues.

According to Ivanov, there is even greater case for eastern Germany to be considered an annexed territory, as opposed to Crimea, because: “Unlike Crimea, there was never a referendum in eastern Germany.”

“97% of Crimean citizens voted to join their homeland – Russia,” Ivanov added, referring to the unrecognized (by West)  referendum held last March in the region. Although the results indicated that Crimeans wished to leave Ukraine and join the territory of Russia, neither Kiev nor any Western government has recognized the result.

Berlin Wall pass

East Berlin residents waiting to cross into the West Berlin at the new border crossing through the Berlin Wall, Germany, 1989

The speaker of the Russian parliament has decided to pass Ivanov’s motion towards the relevant parliamentary committee, which will now decide whether Russian parliament will agree to the term or not.