Albanian major killed in Spain while driving helicopter with tons of hashish

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TIRANA — Albanian Army Major Sokol Feka was the pilot of a helicopter that crashed yesterday in Spain while transporting narcotics from Morocco.  Sokol Feka was active military for 18 years, and he took a vacation in order to transport the narcotics from Morocco to EU.
He did not ask permission to travel abroad,  official Tirana claims.


Photo:  Albanian Major Sokol Feka

Albanian Ministry of defense announced they had received information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania on what happened in Spain.

The helicopter was reportedly shot down yesterday in the southern Spanish province of Malaga, near the town of Cortes de la Frontera,  by members of the Spanish police, suspecting that he was transporting narcotics. The aircraft crashed against the electricity pylon  and have  fallen to pieces.


Spanish police spokesman said yesterday: “We’re still trying to determine how much of hashish was loaded  in the helicopter,” but the local newspaper “Malaga hoy” reported that the helicopter was carrying “between 800 and 900 kilo of drugs and was painted black, to be less visible at night.”