“Balkan spinners”, an Albanian group recruits jihadists in Rome, Milan

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A group of Albanians from Albania and Kosovo have formed an organization in Italy, in order to recruit IS (Islamic State) fighters. Sources from the Albanian General Prosecution say that they’re communicating with their Italian counterparts over suspicions about a group called “Balkan Spinners”.

The group has created jihadist cells which mainly operate in Italy. The members of the group, mainly Albanians from Albania and Kosovo, recruit young jihadists and send them to Syria.

Declared as migrant workers in Italy, these people have made many efforts to convince citizens who live in Italy to join jihadist groups and go to Syria as fighters.

Based on the investigations, the cells recruit these people by convincing them on the reasons why they should go and fight in Syria. After this, those who are persuaded, go through Albania, Turkey or Greece and then into the war zone in Syria.

Investigators say that four bases of the jihadist network in Italy have been currently identified. The main cells are situated in Rome and Milan, but also in other areas such as Lucca and Siena.

In the Italian capital Jihadist cells have been identified as the most well organized ones, operating with intensity in the Centocelle quarter. All of these persons are under investigation. They are considered as very dangerous, because they represent the harshest jihad extremism. Their duty is to recruit people who aspire to fight in the Islamic State. This phenomenon has long spread in Albania and Kosovo, where inquests have been launched too.

There are around 150 Albanians from Albania and Kosovo, who are well known among ISIS jihadists in the Balkan.  According to the inquiries, Genci Balla and Bujar Hysa, two people who have been self declared as imams, have been key figures of the recruitment activity during the time spent in prison. They had contacts with funders in Albania, Kosovo and FYROM and among them is Ebu Usejd, from Elbasan, who along with other funders from Elbasan and Tirana, have funded Balla and Hysa and facilitated their objective of sending to Syria Albanian citizens, Italian citizens and citizens of other nationalities. Coming back to the case of Italy, at the moment, four bases of the jihadist network have been identified” In Milan, in Lucca, Siena and Rome. According to Italian anti-terror agents, “the main difficult consists on the identification of the quarters where these groups operate”.

Terrorist threats discussed by the EU

The latest security concerns in the European continent, are the cause of today’s meeting of EU foreign ministers.

The meeting is discussing on Syria, Iraq and Islamic State.

Terrorist attacks in Paris last week and the raids carried out against a jihadist cell in Belgium, have caused fear from the threats that Europe faces.

These threats come from European citizens that return from battlefields in Syria and Iraq.

Albania gathers the National Security Committee on terrorism – Albanian authorities are worried about the latest situation in Europe, following the terrorist attacks in France and the discovery of IS recruiting cells in Belgium and Italy. Moreover, some of these cells are closely tied to Albania.”

Albanian session

Excusez moi!  Why should they be worried when the Albanian authorities have been supporting jihad and terrorism in Serbian Kosovo for decades? Albania provided trainig camps, safe zones, arms, etc. for the KLA islamist terrorist!


KLA (UCK), 1998 –  is  flag the only thing Albanian authorities and organ harvesting terrorist cartel have in common?  

Aren’t the same scenes from beheading and mutilation last seen in – Kosovo, before the executors have carried them throughout Middle East and further?  And notorious organ harvesting premises, including the infamous Yellow house, were they not located in Albania? YES. It is hard to believe that the Albanian authorities knew nothing about neither terrorist camps, nor butchering camps for Serbs at their own territory.

Albanians  capture  Serbs  to  remove their organs in vivo (video):

Less than a month ago, notorious Albanian jihadist from Serbian Kosovo,  Lavdrim Mudzaheri ( Albanian: Lavdrim Muhaxheri) alias Abu Abdullah Kosovoi,  was killed in a car bomb explosion in the Iraqi town of Tel Afar, about fifty kilometers from Mosul,  Kurdish  Rudaw reported.


Mudzaheri aka Abu Abdullah Kosovai  beheading Syrian teenager


ISIS, KLA – what’s the difference? : Albanians have been experienced in cutting off Serbian heads –  Kosovo 1998 – 1999: Middle: Sadik Cuflaj, an Albanian from Decani, terrorist trained by NATO, USA; Turkey; Right: Valon Cuflaj, son of Sadik, born in 1981.On the left: unedintified Albanian terrorists. The head in Sadik’s left hand  is identified as Bojan Cvetkovic, born in 1972. in Nis, kidnapped on the road Prizren – Pristina on 11. April 1999.
(Valon Culaj is today member of police force in Kosovo. Neither him, nor his father have ever been under any investigation)

Abu Abdullah Kosovai was said to be ISIS’s frontline commander in Iraq.

The 24-year-old from the town of Kacanik in Kosovo first “joined Jihad” in Syria and committed brutal crimes there. In late July he posted photos on Facebook showing him holding a Syrian teenager, preparing to decapitate him with a knife, and then holding the severed head in his hands, posing in front of the camera.

In an interview published by the Tirana daily Ditari on August 2, he stated that he “did nothing more than what members of the KLA did during the war (in Kosovo).”

I don’t know why this brought back the memory of the true story someone told me many years ago,  How could a child know how heavy 300 kg is? ‘

Albanians are usually attacks, stoning and arson use children, sometimes women. Once, during the Yugoslavia someone threw a rock and blocked the only way out for Serbian villagers, interrupting communication with the rest of the world. Since this was not the first time such a thing happened, police had gone to the neighboring, Albanian village, from which they often heard  Albanian loud music and gun shots.
Pressed by evidences, after they saw it was impossible to get away, the Albanians found a boy  with confident smile, who, with the chest broad, admitted that he dragged the rock.
The policeman, of course, did not believe, since it was impossible for a child, even for an adult and full strength man to even move the rock,  so he commented: How could this child bring the rock, when it’s at least of 300 kg weight?!
Albanians responded:
But inspector, how, on Earth, could a child  know how heavy 300 kg is? (meaning: he didn’t know that he couldn’t, but if he knew, he wouldn’t have done it).

Source:  http://www.balkaneu.com/balkan-spinners-albanian-group-recruits-fighters-rome/#sthash.rKQLGJn4.dpuf



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