Sarajevo, Bosnia: Global Islamists and terrorists funded by ‘Bosanska’, ‘Vakufska’ and ‘Depozitna’ Bank

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The Bosanska, Vakufska and Depozitna Bank, which were founded by the Saudis linked to terrorism, Yasin al Qadi and Shafiq Ayadi, have participated in the financing of terrorism in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  according to Intelligence and Security Service report.  The report is submitted by the vice president of the BiH Federation , Mirsad Kebo to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The above named banks have provided financial support to several organizations that serve as a cover to Al Qaeda in BiH, and some of them are: “Muwafaq fondation”, “Al Haramein islamic fondation” and “Saudi high Comision for relief BiH. ”


Vakufska Bank in 2002 had capital of 16.4 million, and the same year it had risen up to 56 million.  August 2002 Federal Banking Agency approved the integration of the Vakufska and Depozitna banks.

Among the shareholders of the Vakufska bank are the  “Bosnian Mostar” foundation, as well as Riyyaset of the Islamic community, and their share is 18 and 11 percent.  Both foundations receive donations from abroad, mainly from Saudi Arabia, and person in charge is a preacher from the Sarajevo mosque of King Fahd,  Nezim Halilovic Muderis.

Al Qadi  and Ayaddi have been , through Depozitna and Vakufska bank and with financial backing of “Mahmal investment”  securing the finance for islamic humanitarian and Islamic terrorist organizations operating in BiH for years, states the report.

Federal secret service AID in 2002found out that the banks by funding  the Islamic humanitarian organization “Al Haramein” funded Al Qaeda.

Saudi humanitarian organization “Al Haramein” serves as a channel for financing the activities of terrorist organizations, meanwhile  their Sarajevo branch aided the terrorist organization Gama al Islamiya, while members of the El Ittihad al-Islami terrorist group of Osama Bin Laden were employed in their Somali office,  which also funded Islamists and their operations.

The report adds that the the Waкufska Bank chief  in March 2002 acknowledged that the organization “Al Haramein” was an active client of the bank, and that the former Director Nuruddin Kusturica, after nine years, left the bank when it was discovered that the owner of the Wakufska and Depozitna bank on the specially designated global terrorists list.




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