Retired Czech Vet Marek Obrtel returned his NATO medals: Genocide against Serbs took place in Kosovo, it was genocide instigated by the West

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BELGRADE – Czech Lieutenant Colonel Marek Obrtel, who recently returned the NATO medals received for his role in the organization’s ‘peacekeeping’ missions, said that there has been genocide against Serbs in Kosovo instigated by the West. Orbtel says that the Euro-Atlantic Alliance is a criminal organization due to the policy pursued by its leaders.
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Photo: NATO ‘peacekeepers’ in Kosovo usually turn the blind eye over the Albanian violence and chauvinism. Since the ‘peacekkepers’ entered Kosovo i Metohija, over 300 Serbian Orthodox ancient churches have been demolished and turned into parking lots; over 250 000 Serbs and other non Albanians were forced to leave and their property has been seized.  

These are the reasons of my sadness, bitterness and disappointment since I was a part of the NATO machinery. I  witnessed how drug lords became respectable officials of the so-called state of Kosovo, and how mass murderers became heroes, Obrtel said in an interview with Belgrade daily Vecernje novosti.


Photo: Marek Obrtel

This army doctor addressed the Czech defence minister late in December with a request to be stripped of the NATO medals he earned in the various missions, from Bosnia to Afghanistan. Obrtel said that he was serving in Bosnia when so called ‘humanitarian bombing’ of Serbia started as Obrtel says, after the staged massacre of Kosovo Albanians in Racak’, and he spent seven months in Kosovo i Metohija where he witnessed the pogrom against Serbs in March 2004.

“Kosovo is the main European tragedy – the Europe allowed, and even instigated the genocide.”

Although he’s retired, the growing conflict in Ukraine and experiences from other countries that NATO has destroyed, have encouraged him to raise his voice against NATO policies calling it a criminal organization.

“They (NATO)  operate under the false slogan of the fight for democracy, human rights and humanitarian goals, and they use it as a disguise for aggression worldwide, Obrtel said in the interview. NATO attacks the country, which for any reason becomes an obstacle, disobedient or simply because the world hegemonies have any interests relating to the country. First, it is torn apart from the inside by means of media campaigns, color revolutions, stirring up the most sensitive issues, ethnic divisions and religious differences. In short, they bring about destabilization. Then, they find lame excuses or use previously staged violence against citizens. After that comes the NATO with its units accompanied by humanitarian organizations and observer missions, as an alleged protector of ‘human rights and freedoms’.

Soon, the businessmen arrive to renew the country, namely to realize their own interests, Obrtel said. He believes that Bosnia-Herzegovina had a better scenario than Kosovo. Even the most ardent advocates of the theory that holds that both sides in the conflict are offered equal and fair help will notice sharp differences between Republika Srpska and the Muslim-Croat federation, of course to the detriment of Republika Srpska. It is clear against whom the Bosnian machinery is directed, Obrtel said.