Bosnian and Albanian Muslim Extremists threaten: Belgrade’s next target! No Serb will remain on the planet!

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Radical Bosnian and Albanian Muslims ,  especially on the Bosnian portals and social networks, glorify terrorist attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. Extremists have used a crime to send threatening messages to Serbs.

– If war breakout, no Serb will remain on the planet – just one of the comments on the website Sandžak press (Raska area, Serbia), and  “is following the Belgrade will be heat with greater results.”


Bosnians Bajro Ikanović i Mirza Ganić posing in Syria

These pro Ottoman Muslim extremists have joined Jihad in Syria and Libya, where they, after participating in murders, rape and mutilating,  got well trained and even more extreme.


The  ‘Army of Islam’ marched through Novi Pazar and even held a  Festival in front of the hotel Vrbak, Novi Pazar, Serbia, September 2014.

Experts  believe that the fighters were previously trained in Vienna, which is thought to be the main center for Wahhabism in Europe. According to other specialists, there are training centres in Novi Pazar, the northern Serbian districts of Novi Sad, Pancevo and in even in Belgrade. […] Several Bosnian Muslims from Serbia were recruited while studying abroad, mainly in Turkey and Syria.

The city of Novi Pazar was the scene of a major Islamist paramilitary demonstration organized on August 25 2013 by the extreme and conservative “Islamic Nation of Sandzak”.

The analyst Dusan Janjic says that such reactions confirm that we live in a world of hatred, violence and the global trend rise of radical and religious extremism.

– There are serious risks occur in our cases after such tragedies, but we act as if we are the Scandinavian countries. Serbia cannot solve global problems, but needs to strengthen services and to be devoted in combating terrorism because,  remember, –   in our territory (with Bosnian muslim majority) the Wahhabis were/are trained- says Janjic.

Because of the danger that therrorism could spread throughtout  Europe and Balkans,  police has increased security measures in Bosnia,  Serbia especially in regions with Muslim majority, such as Raska.

Zoran Dragisic, professor at the Faculty of Security, warns of the so-called syndrome of bloody millipedes, where, after a large terrorist attack, appear copy paste terrorists and criminals, who try to do the same.

– After the attack on the journal in France two other crimes occured; It is very important to see whether it is a “bloody centipede”, –  whether some people imitate the previous attack – Dragišić says and adds:

– The attackers came at a time when there was a meeting in the newsroom,  and that could indicate that they had someone  inside who assisted and provided them with informations – highlights Dragišić.


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