Terrorism is evil wherever it outbreaks; all terrorists should be punished rigorously; all victims should be treated equaly

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Twelve people are dead following what France’s president is calling a “terror attack” on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Wednesday.

They say that the masked gunmen shouted “Allahu akbar!” as they stormed the building, killing 10 journalists and two police officers, security officials confirmed. The magazine staff was in an editorial meeting, around lunchtime in Paris, when at least two gunmen opened fire.

Tragedy? Certanly. I can imagine how the families of the victims as well as whole of France, feel like. Twelwe persons died.  Eleven others were wounded, four gravely     Paris-Shooting-1

And it’s obviously, bad, dangerous and evil misdeed of certainly evil persons.

Let’s remind ourselves on anouther group of journalists, who died in similar circumstances, but in larger number – there was 16 journalists, reporters and staff who were blown up one night. Someone somewhere, some equaly evil, bad dangerous person decided that these heople have to die.
I am speaking about 16 workers of the RTS or Radio Television of Serbia.  On April 23, 1999, US/NATO bombers destroyed the Serbian state television headquarters in downtown Belgrade, Radio Television Serbia, killing 16 civilian employees and wounding 19.

In mid-April, NATO Air Commander, David Wilby, announced that NATO was sick of the Serb ‘propaganda’ televised to every household and warned that unless Serb Television broadcast three hours of US programming in the daytime and another three hours in the evening, the TV station would be blown-up. Even pro-war TV reporters phrased the announcement as an outlandish question. The idea didn’t go over. When Belgrade offered to accept the six hours in exchange for six minutes of Yugoslav news on Western networks, NATO backtracked, saying it had only meant it would bomb transmitters also used for military communications. NATO also explicitly assured the International Federation of Journalists it would not target media workers.5 Even so, against the wishes of other NATO leaders, General Wesley Clark gave orders to bomb.

Bombardovanje RTS

NATO attack on Serbian Radio television which  took 16 lives.
In the early morning hours of April 23, as RTS was airing a taped American interview with President Milosevic and former Pentagon official turned KHOU-TV defense analysts, Ron Hatchett, there was a thunderous explosion as cruise missiles slammed into the building causing a mile-high cloud of dust.

What had been the four story headquarters of Serbian TV was turned into a 15 foot pile of cement, plastic, iron, and the dead and wounded. Among the dead were two men hanging upside-down from the wreckage. A young woman technician was burned alive in the make-up room.

A young man could only be extracted from the tons of wreckage by amputating both of his legs. T

Thirteen other technicians and secretaries working the night shift were killed in their studios and taping rooms, or died in the hospital. At dawn a group of several hundred Yugoslav citizens stood silently bearing witness in front of the smoldering wreckage, at a loss for words.

Six hours later the U.K. Secretary of State for International Development, Clare Short, said RTS was a “legitimate target” a “propaganda machine” and “causing untold suffering to the people of Kosovo”. In England Tony Blair said the attack was “entirely justified,” and went on to assert that television is part of the apparatus which keeps a political leader in power, so camera operators, make-up ladies and janitors are therefore legitimate targets.

Bombardovanje RTS a

NATO  terrorist attack on Radio television of Serbia, April 1999. 

RTS broadcasts had included a patriotic programme, showing Yugoslav soldiers defending their country, President Milosevic meeting Russian envoys and the Kosovo Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova, and others. For artistic expression they showed computer animations of the NATO cross logo turning into a swastika, and Madeleine Albright growing Dracula teeth in front of a burning building.9 Contrary to Pentagon reports, NATO programming could be seen on 21st UHF channel throughout the northern Serbia and Belgrade area. Other radio and TV stations which had carried some NATO broadcasts were housed in the Business Centre USCE, which NATO destroyed on April 22.

poginule-kolege-v (1)

In  NATO attack on Serbian Radio Television these people were massacred: Dejan Marković (age: 39), Darko Stiomenovski (26),  Slaviša Stevanović (32), Slobodan Jontić (54), Ksenija Banković (28), Branislav Jovanović (50),Ivan Stukalo (34), , Dragan Tasić (31), Nebojša Stojanović (27), Siniša Medić (32), Tomislav Mitrović (61), Milan Joksimović (47), Jelica Munitlak (28),  Aleksandar Deletić (31), Dragorad Dragojević (27), Milovan Janković (59).

What’s the difference between the two? Why the attack on French journalists is terror, and the attack on Serb journalists is ‘entirely justified’ (Tony Blair), and it was ‘legitimately targeted’ ( then U.S. Secretary of State for International Development, Clare Short)?

When the West and their pro Ottoman Balkan muslims ( Albanians or Bosnian muslim, for example) kill, it’s not neither a crime nor terror but when someone hits the West – it’s terror?  (that pulls out another interesting question: how come that, among all the people of Muslim faith, it’s always and permanently Albanians and Bosnian Muslim who’s sinless, pure and clean, but Iraqi, Syrian, Libyans – they’re simply evil, and, as the former US Secretary of State says: It’s not a big deal to kill 500. 000 their children”? (Madeleine Albright)

How come that when the Frech journalists get killed, it’s terror, but when Serbs get killed by French allies, it’s acceptable, and no public mourning, no condolencies?
So when the West (or their neo Ottoman allies) bomb, attack, destroy, kill, kidnapp –  they’re fighting for democracy, but when someone kills an American (or German, French) citizen – it’s monstrous crime?
Murder is murder, and terror is terror no matter whether the attackers shouts  ‘Allahu Akhbar’ or ‘Bomb the Serbs’.

Grey Carter

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