The Albanians stoned a bus loaded with the expelled Djakovica Serbs, whose homes and property is seized by the same Albanians

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The bus which with about 40 displaced Serbs from Djakovica was stoned today, when Albanians from this town attacked it in front of the Orthodox church of the Dormition of the Mother of God.

“The bus driver suffered minor injuries,” said the leader of the Djakovica displaced Djokica Stanojevic.

Stanojevic added that the incident occurred despite a police escort the Serbs were provided with.


“We did not succeed this year to light ,badnjak’ oak tree branch in the city we were born and where we spent our lives untill the Albanians expelled us. At the entrance to the church, we were ‘greeted’ by a group of Albanians who had gathered  andattacked the bus with stones,”

The front glass of the bus has been broken and the driver suffered minor cuts.

“We had to return without even getting in the church…”.

Stanojevic condemns theincident, reminding that this was not the first the Albanian invaders attck, and that something similar happened a year ago, and for Easter.

He requested an immediate condemnation and international response so the displaced Serbs from Djakovica would be provided with one of the fundamental human rights – the right to life, to return to their homes and property, freedom of movement and freedom of religion.

In 2014 in some of the local villages a mass grave with murdered Serbs was investigated,  The human remains were discovered at this location  and they belonged to victims of  the KLA  from the Albanian death camp for Serbs,  “Likovci”. EULEX Prosecution has brought  an order for exhumation, autopsy and identification of the discovered remains. Before the Albanian and NATO occupation, there were thousands of Serbs living in Djakovica and the surrounding area.

After 1999,  the only living Serbs in Djakovica –  six Serbian elderly women – found  shelter in the monastery. Before the war 12,500 Serbs lived in Djakovica and the area, 4000 in the centre of the city. During the joint NATO and Albanian terror they were expelled, murdered  and some are still on the List of the Missing. Over 10 000 Serbs have simply disappeared.
Woman from Djakovica

The six Serbian woman surviving in the ancient Serbian monastery  – There are only six elderly Serbian women  who found a refuge in the courtyard of the Church of the Holy Virgin. They live as prisoners, fearing to leave the church yard. The  Albanian terror through intimidation is on a daily basis.

No question, mo media, no investigation, no professional US mourners i.e. Angelina Jolie, Bono Vox to cry over  the10 000 missing people – all was covered with the silence. Again, as seen in last 25 years, when it comes to murdered Serbs, not all the victims are neither the same, nor equal. But every time some Serb decided to try to at least visit his property (destroyed or seized by Albanians)  EULEX and NATO prosecutors filed criminal charges against Serbs for some alleged involvement in war crimes committed  against Albanians. Last time such a manipulation occurred last year  (2013.) even though no bodies nor other evidence have ever been found against any of the Serbs.  But the manipulation succeeded, since possible intimidation and prevention of potential returnees to come back to Kosovo and ask for their rights and property, is actually in  the agenda of this and similar charges the EULEX had flied.

ZgraiteCrkvePresveteBogorodiceuakovici Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God ( 16-19 . Century) in Djakovica, set on fire with the old aand the new parish homes on March 17 , subsequently leveled with the ground . – The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity ( two bell towers that were not destroyed during mining of the church in 1999, on March 17 had been leveled with the ground. Soon after that the Albanians systematically removed the remains of the church and built a park . UNMIK / KFOR Report – March 18 : Rioters remove debris of destroyed Orthodox church with trucks and tractors , around 5,000 Albanians participated) .

On the other hand, the American prosecutor Clint Williamson has got and extensive dossier on the crimes of the KLA,with the names of the 120 heads of the KLA,  who are expected to be charged with the disappearance and mass murder of Serbs in Orahovac region,  Drenica and Djakovica. source: