Hungarian fascists killed over 4000 Serbs, 86 children on Orthodox Christmas eve 1942.

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The 73rd anniversary of the Hungarian raids of 1942, when at least 1,300 mostly Serbs were killed, among them 86 children will be marked tomorrow in Curug, Backa, then occupied by Hungary.

 – Two years ago, we managed to establish the Museum of the Raid iTapalova warehouse in the city center, at the spot where, the heavy machine-gun bursts killed about 400 local Serbs compacted at barely 150 square meters. In memory of all the innocent victims, wreaths will be layed tomorrow (January 6.).


A pile of corpses at the Orthodox cemetery in Novi Sad (January 23, 1942).

– Mass killing lasted for five days, a huge number of the victims died on the shore of the frozen Tisa river, which flows near the city, especially the so-called Third ramp. The victims were thrown under the ice of the river, and the peak was reached in the criminal orgy on Serbian Orthodox Christmas Eve 1942. We will therefore, on Tuesday, 6th January, our Christmas Eve, lay wreaths there.

More Curug families simply disappeared. Among them was the family whose 14 members have been killed: Rada (73), Jovan (53 years old), Miroslav (49), Jelena (48), Bogdan (47), Milorad (37), Mirjana (21) Ljubica (20), Branko (18) Rade (17), Andjelko (16) Kristina (14), Vladimir (13) and Radojka (7).


Massacred victims line the Novi Sad streets (January 1942).

The concentration camps that Horthy’s Nazi Hungarian state established mostly for Serbs, but also for Jews and Roma were notorious for their gruesome cruelty, particularly Sharvar death camp, which claimed over 8,000 Serbian lives.


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