Memorial service for 158 Serbs killed in Kravica to be served tomorrow, on January 5th

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In the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Kravica, near Bratunac,  the memorial service for 158 Serbs from the neighboring towns and villages killed by Bosnian muslim forces in the recent war in BiH, of whom 49 died on Christmas Day, 7 January 1993, will be served tomorrow.

After the memorial service and lighting candles at the central memorial in Kravica for the repose of the souls of  3,267 Serbs killed from the Birach region, a delegation will lay flowers, and mark 22 years since the great Serbian suffering in the area of Bratunac and local communities took place.


Memorial cross in Kravica, with figures engraved: 1992 – 1995, 3967 murdered Serbs; from 1941 – 1945 (Bosnian muslims were on Hitler’s side, similar to Albanians and Croats; their units were notorious Nazi SS Handjar) – 6.469 Serbs murdered by Muslims

Continuous ethnic cleansing and destruction of everything that was Serbian began in April 1992, the Muslim forces in Srebrenica, with the help of units from Bratunac, Vlasenica and Zvornik area, on Orthodox Christmas 1993. killed 49, wounded 80 Serbian civilians, five of which are not found even after 22 years.

On that day, the village was looted and 688 Serbian houses were torched , about 2,000 auxiliary buildings and 27 social facilities completely destroyed. In a single day around 1,000 persons were left without homes in one day and through snow and ice made it through to the Drina river, avoiding certain death. 
More that 101 children remains without one or both parents.
Since the beginning of the war until mid-1995 Muslim forces from Srebrenica constantly raided Serbian villages in the area:  Bratunac, Milici, Zvornik and Skelane, killing everything they can, looting and burning Serbian property. Bosnian muslim forces captured, tortured, mutilated, cut off their heads and exposed it as a trophy in Srebrenica. There was also the case of Serb, Nenad Rankic who was roasted on a spit by Bosnian Muslims. 

Of the fifty Serbian inhabitants of Srebrenica who decided to remain in Srebrenica, just one old woman survived,  while the other one,  Ivanka Mirkovic was found mutilated and slaughtered on her doorstep in July 1995.

Most of the missing Serbs have never been neither found nor exhumed.

The units of Naser Oric expelled and killed Serb population from Srebrenica and surrounding villages Dugo Polje, Pećišta, Kovačice, Gostilj, Gniona, Osredak, Viogor, Studenac right at the beginning of the war.
Then they began raids into more distant Srebrenica and Bratunac area villages –  Ratkovići, Brežani, Magašići, Zagoni, Zalazje, Sase, Biljača, Fakovići, Bjelovac, Sikirić, Podravanje; That’s when they committed severe atrocities in the massacre in Kravica, on 7 January 1993. and Skelane 16th January same year. In these two separate monstrous massacres over 114 Serbs were tortured and killed, of which more than half were civilians.

And after declaring Srebrenica UN Safe Area and false demilitarization, Muslim forces continued raids from Srebrenica enclave on  Serbian villages;  with the exception of three villages along the Drina, Muslims destroyed all the Serbian villages in Srebrenica area and a large number of villages in the Bratunac municipality / more than 100 villages /;  Naser Oric and his unites killed over 3,000 Serbs, many of whom were civilians.

Islamists with Heckler Koch

Notice the German made, Heckler & Koch G3A3 semi-automatic rifles these Islamic war criminals and terrorists have? The rifle fires the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO cartridge. This kind of weaponry was never (ever) seen before in ex-Communist Yugoslavia. How did this Srebrenica soldier obtain it? Srebrenica was completely encircled by the Serbs from the very first days of the war. What was the content of American “humanitarian” operation “parachute?” 

The attacks and massacres were often performed on large Orthodox holidays, such as Christmas, St. Peter’s or St. George’s day, etc. 

The villains had no mercy even for the children and the elderly, and the captured died after brutal Ottoman –  like middle age, torture,and torture.  So it was in Kravica.majka-iz-fakovica

Serbian elderly women with remains of their beloved, Srebrenica area

Andjelko Miladinovic was captured in Jezestice, Muslims cut off his head before the mother Savka, and  tied it to a car as a trophy and drove to Srebrenica.
Slavko was slaughtered with a few civilians.  Dragomir Miladinovic, from Kravica whose sons Ratko and Djordje were killed, thestifed about the murder. 
Two days after the massacre seven mutilated bodies were discovered;  two and a half months later another 42 mutilated bodies were found.
Some of the victims are Dragomir and sons Ratko and Djordje, on Christmas Day have died defending those that suck more brothers and Vojislav,  Radojko Bogićević, Krstivoje and Ivan Djukanovic, Andjelko and Dragan Mladenovic, Vidosav and Miladin Djokic, and Vujadin and Miladin Dolijanović.
In the attack of Srebrenica Muslim forces on Kravica participated, according to the testimony of local survivors, a large number of Bosniaks, who, after the war,  returned to the territory of the municipality.
22 years after the war, nobody was tried nor held responsible for the crimes committed against the Serbian population in the Drina valley and  Christmas in Kravica.
Memorial service will be held at the church at 11.00 and laying flowers is scheduled for 12.00.

The cruelty and insidiousness exhibited in the attacks on Serb villages, the ruthlessness towards villagers taken prisoner or captured ,without distinction as to sex, age ,.  regardless they were soldiers or civilians, healthy or wounded and ill, the bestial treatment in prisons without water food, but with rape, torture, represents a special chapter in fhe events in this region. It is hard to say whether such an attitude stems from the religious fanaticism of Islam, their jihad, or from the aroused basic, animal instincts of their warriors. And perhaps simply sadists, torturers and killers by nature, led the actions and gave the orders. Irrespective of the reasons, the consequences for the Serbian people are horrendous.
Many of the killed, but also of the wounded and even live and uninjured people were burned together with their homes. 


Semsudin Mehmedović, now member of  parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Serbian head as a trophy

That happened in Zalazje on St.Peter’s Day (July 12, 1992), where about twenty persons were burried in three buildings. Or in Podravanje, where Serbs were roasted on the spit ( on the basis.of the found corpses it could not be concluded whether the victims had already been dead or had been tortured thus whde still alive).

People were burned in their homes in many villages: Bljeceva, Krnjici, Ratkovici, Jezestica. Tens of family houses were consumed in flames together with families inside. Here are the names of some of the victims in Kravica and Bratunac area:

Bosnian Muslim war veteran and politician Ibran Mustafic in his memoire book ‘Planned chaos’ describes some of the executions:

Bosnian Muslim war veteran and politician Ibran Mustafic, author of  the book “Planned chaos” whereas some of the crimes committed by soldiers of the (Muslim) Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina against Serbs are, for the first time, recognized and described, as well as the permanent Western illegal arm shipment to Bosnian Muslim separatists before and during the war, and –  what’s significant – even during the period when Srebrenica was demilitarized zone under UN protection.
Mustafic tells about inter Muslim clashes and general  debauchery  in the municipality of Srebrenica which has been ruled by ‘mafia under the Bosniak military commander, Naser Oric’ .  Because of the torture of ordinary people in 1994. when Oric and local authorities were selling humanitarian aid   at exorbitant prices – instead of giving it out to those in need – many Bosnians voluntarily fled Srebrenica . “Those who sought salvation through Serbia, managed to arrive at their final destination , and those who  fled towards Tuzla (ruled by Muslim army)  were persecuted “
  –  Mustafic unveils. 


The first acknowledgment  of the crimes against Serbs Mustafic got in Tuzla where he escaped from Sarajevo in 1992.

There,  he writes , my relative Mirsad Mustafic  shown me  a list of captured Serbian soldiers who were killed in the place called Zalazje.  Among other there were the names of his classmate Branko Simic with brother Pero , former judge Slobodan Ilic , driver from Zvornik Mijo Rakic ​​, nurse Rada Milanovic … Otherwise , in the battles in and around Srebrenica during the war there were more than 3,200 Serbs from this and neighboring municipalities killed.” 

Mustafic noted  the confession of Naser Oric , Bosnian Muslim war commander of Srebrenica “When we captured those (Serbs) in  Zalazje and took them from jail, the slaughter began.  I grabbed Slobodan Ilic. I went up to him on the chest . He was bearded and hairy like an animal . He looked at me and did not speak a word. I took the bayonet and directly hit him in one eye , and then spinned the knife I plunged there . He didn’t even beg! Then I hit him with a knife in the other eye . I could not believe remain mute!  Frankly that’s when I  got scared , so I immediately cut his throat!

The book brings the story of his uncle Ibrahim Mustafic ” Naser came and told me to immediately get ready and go by ” Zastava ”  (vehicle ) near the  Srebrenica prison. I  got dressed and left immediately . When I came to prison , they took all captured form Zalazje and I was ordered to transport them to Zalazje . When we got to the landfill , they ordered me to stop and park the truck. I got out at a decent distance, but when I saw their rampage when the slaughter began , I felt sick, pale as a sheet . When Zulfo ( Tursunović )  shredded nurse Rada Milanovic’s breatst  with a knife, falsely asking where her radio station is, I did not have the courage to see it . I walked from the landfill and came to Srebrenica. When they drove a truck , and I went home in Potocari . The whole track was flooded with blood . ” – end quote **