“Kill The Serbs!” – Nazi graffiti on the wall of Serbian Orthodox rectory in Vinkovci, Croatia, December 2014.

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On the facade of the parish house of the Serbian Orthodox Church / SPC / in Vinkovci, Croatia, neonazi Ustasha graffiti were sprayed, during the weekend. This act represents continuation of persecution and attempted lynching of Serbs, Orthodoxy in  Eastern Croatia, the Eparchy of Osijek and Baranja announces.

Hrv Vinkovici

” Kill the Serbs! ” Hitler’s ally Croatia 1941,  EU member Croatia 2014. 
The unindetified hooligans ( general and the most common platitude used by Croatian authorities everytime Serbs have been subject to lynch or persecution) left the facade of the parish house desecrated with graffiti of hatred and threatening messages such as “Ready!”, “Kill the Serb!”, spicing it up with notorious Nazi Ustasha symbol- Latin letter “U”.

“By all accounts, the incident is yet another orchestrated attack on property and Serbian Orthodox clergy in Vinkovac eparchy” the statement said.

The Eparchy recalls  that a few days ago, ‘unidentified perpetrators’ (again!)  broke the door and leave their feces in the altar of the Serbian Orthodox  church of St. Procopius in the Rajevo Selo, Croatian police still did not identified the perpetrators.

These days, Serbian community in Croatia is again upset, which is not surprising when you take into account the suffering of Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church in Vinkovci from1991, – 1995. when, among other things, all the church property was looted, dynamited and destroyed, and after all the suffering and persecution of 200,000 Serbs in the nineties.

“An additional problem is the fact that the local authorities and government of the city of Vinkovci and Vukovar-Srem, as well as representatives of state institutions, have not expressed any concern about these incidents. Local police officers conducted an investigation on this new outfall of intolerance,” and, usually, that’s where all stops.


Wearing Nazi Croatia uniform, young girl salutes Sieg heil! on Thompson’s concert 


Same Croatian mega star Thompson’s concert –  Tens of thousands salute: Heil! 

This is not surprise since Croatia was the first state who openly embraced Nazism second time in her history in 1991.
We are 25 years away from ’91. but things didn’t change in Croatia. This is recent report by Diana Johnstone concerning Croatian (inborn?) sentiment for Nazism and Fascism:

When I visited Croatia three years ago, the book most prominently displayed in the leading bookstores of the capital city Zagreb was a new edition of the notorious anti-Semitic classic, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Next came the memoires of the World War II Croatian fascist Ustashe dictator Ante Pavelic, responsible for the organized genocide of Serbs, Jews and Romany (gypsies) that began in 1941, that is, even before the German Nazi “final solution”.
However, if the Croatian fascists actually led, rather than followed, the German Nazis down the path of genocide, that doesn’t mean they have forgotten their World War II benefactors. After all, it was thanks to Hitler’s invasion of Yugoslavia that the “Independent State of Croatia” was set up in April 1941, with Bosnia-Herzegovina (whose population was mostly Serb at the time) as part of its territory. And the hit song of 1991, when Croatia once again declared its independence from Yugoslavia and began driving out Serbs, was “Danke Deutschland” in gratitude to Germany’s strong diplomatic support for Zagreb’s unnegotiated secession.
In the West, of course, one will quickly object that the Germany of today is not the Germany of 1941. True enough. But in Zagreb, with a longer historical view, they are so much the same that visiting Germans are sometimes embarrassed when Croats enthusiastically welcome them with a raised arm and a Nazi “Heil!” greeting. ” 
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Welcoming Hitler in Zagreb, April 1941:

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