Albanian Jihadists start ‘light’ patrols in Sar Planina

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Albanian jihadists have already established their fanaticsm world wide by sending over 400 fighters to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. 58 of them are confirmed killed by the Syrian Army.
The latest Albanian jihadist killed was Macedonian citizen, Sejdula Alili from Chair who ironically was employed by the Government and received a paycheque for weeks while he fought for the Islamic State!
Virtually every single intelligence agency in Europe warned that many of these jihadists were now ‘coming home’ and will likely cause problems. The French, British and Serbs were the most vocal in this. The British went as far as to not allow entry to individuals coming from Iraq and Syria’s battlefields.

Macedonia is very secure as a country, so much so we keep jihadists on Government payroll. Few weeks ago, several Albanian jihadists in Skopje met publicly and announced plans to partition the country. Nevzat Halili ex MP, and head of NDP signed the ‘proclamation’, explaining that it was their God duty to help Albania expand its territory, at the expense of Macedonia, of course. This was ignored by police, no arrests – typical for Macedonia.
The police primary job appears to be sending 300 special forces to a football match and beat fans? When it comes to jihadists and terrorist activities, police is ‘monitoring’ the situation through media and are nowhere to be seen.

We have already received reports of Albanian jihadists in groups of 2 or 3 patrolling mountains (Shar Planina) armed with AK 47s ID-ing workers and tourists. Nothing to worry about, police is monitoring the situation…

Shiptar Macedonia

This weekend, a construction worker putting up a water line between the villages of Brodec and Veshala was approached by two armed men wearing black uniforms with no insignia and was told to stop all work. They ordered him on the ground and then the two disappeared. The worker called police who went to investigate, but found nothing. The village of Brodec was a flash point for jihadist activity several years ago when police killed 3 in a firefight. Most of the Albanian jihadists were from Kosovo, plotting attacks in Macedonia.

Kosovo Albanian going with the nickname ‘General Panteri’ (Hamdi Ndrecaj – pictured above) is said to be behind the group.
For now, no incidents have been registered.

The problems in 2001 begun precisely like this, with unknown men patrolling mountains, until they ambushed unarmed Macedonian policemen.
It is a great concern that Jolevski is the new Minister for Defense. He recently stated Macedonia would send troops abroad to where-ever the next US adventure is. The man appears to be more incompetent than all of the DMs we have had combined.
Would be good for the Macedonian Government to be serious when it comes to national security, for once, so we don’t end up with a farce similar to 2001.
Lets see Macedonian soldiers patrolling our mountains for a change!? That is if we have any soldiers left, most of them are abroad, serving US interests.

source: MINA, Ivan Stankovski

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